#ACT: Medical Marijuana Could Be On The Line

Protections for the medical marijuana markets that are now legal in 30 states are set to expire on December 8th.

After that, over 2 million registered patients’ continued access to their medication will rely on the prohibitionist whims of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been lobbying aggressively for the ability to use the full force of the Justice Department to interfere with their operations.

But your member of Congress could make the difference. We’re targeting key elected officials who we need to publicly support these continued protections and need your Representatives to speak up and encourage them to stand with patients.

Send a message to your Representative NOW

Here is the full backstory: The House Rules Committee, led by Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), blocked multiple marijuana-related amendments from receiving consideration by the full House earlier this year, including the one known as Rohrabacher-Blumenauer. Specifically, this language maintains that federal funds cannot be used to prevent states from “implementing their own state laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

However, in July, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) successfully offered and passed similar language in the Senate Appropriations Committee. This means that the amendment will be considered in a bicameral conference committee despite the fact that the House was denied the opportunity to express its support.

If the Republican Congress decides to strip the amendment out of the Senate budget, over 2 million patients in 30 states will lose these protections and could face the full attention of Jeff Sessions.

We need your Representative to speak up. Send a message right now.

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  1. Well somebody need to tell this to the AUSA in Marquette, Mi. because Ive been indicted for “aiding and abetting the manufacture of 100 or more marijuana plants” and aiding and abetting with intent to deliver 100 or more marijuana plants” and two other marijuana related indictments. So this amendment is bullshit!!!

  2. … and yes this is a medical marijuana case, and the cops warrant is no good. Guaranteed! The cops even left the grow because it was in full compliance, so the feds don’t even have the “100 or more mj plants!

  3. Can we get the support of the NFL players protest league to take a knee for the freedom from prohibition of Cannabis instead of the national anthem ?
    If they would put that energy towards something more of a significant outcome, life would be so much easier here . And then I would grateful for the NFL players !!

    1. Don’t be as stupid as you sound. Those men are protesting cops shooting unarmed blacks with no repercussions. Doing their protest during the national anthem just make sure it is seen!

      1. @ lovingc
        Why insult ? Do you really think by insults your going to receive any type of valuable intellectual responsibility of dialogue ?
        The same logic applies to the NFL protest’s, I thought we was supporting Cannabis reform ? Is it Crack ? I’m I wrong please do share with more of your insults it prevents me from having to actually use my brain for a reply. Let me get the dictionary of insults ready, it’s a little dusty as it’s been 45 years on the lower shelf of stupidity. I will dust it off just for you and Mark ok ..

    2. @ Gilbert,
      You fucking Trump troll. Those protests are against police violence against blacks, not the national anthem, you duplicitous piece of shit.
      That’s police violence which police justify using marijuana and reefer madness.

      Racist asshole! Trump nut licker!

      1. @ mark
        Ok thanks for clarifying your limited vocabulary words ..
        I will have to beautiful ebony love of life if I’m racist, I have ask the African martial arts school that I been a member of for the last 8 years if I’m racist , or wait how about my daughter’s black husband or better yet my son’s Hispanic wife , or maybe ask my 8 mixed raced grandkids ..
        I don’t get it why do people like you mark get your jolly joy joy off on calling people racists just out of blue? Are you in that much Pain ? Does life hurt you that seriously in the head ? Only individuals with such a distorted and meaningless Outlook in life does that. Get a life Mark

      2. @ Gilbert,
        Your white privilege is showing again. Bragging about fucking multiple black women does not mean you are not racist. It makes you exploitive, at best. But bragging about fucking black women, while simultaneously promoting and covering for Trump and his support for police violence against blacks, well… that just makes you a racist piece of shit.

        You haven’t even had a taste of the harsh words I have for you. Luckily for you, NORML moderators have cut my mike on you, you filthy (cut)

      3. @ mark
        Your on crack man , you clearly have some pathological disorder as you seem to make up stuff out of nothing a lie if you will and believing in your own creation of lies of distortion of facts .
        I mention one woman and you come up with this dialogue of multiple women and of course you add an ingredient of exploitation in cake mix and you use the assumption of promoting and support of Trump to conclude I’m a racist as frosting for your cake of self pity. Well don’t blame me for your food poisoning that you digested from your cake of stupidity .
        I voted Trump because he was the lesser of two evils , and because he knows how to get a job done , plus as you don’t seem realize he is actually a fresh welcome to a long time failure of government politics for the last 45 years.
        I admire the man because he shows guts and will , he follows through on his word as a man, I admire must great leader’s in this world if you take moment and reflect on this you might learn something from these people . Even enemies can respect each other no law says you have to hate your enemies no law says you have dislike people , no law says you have to be mean to people .
        You assume because I voted Trump I’m a racist ? Guilty by association ? If that’s the case then I’m guilty of being a Muslim, guilty of being a Jew , guilty of being a member of the souix nation , guilty of being black , guilty of being aribic , guilty of being a Bedouin , guilty of being a Syrian , guilty of being Chinese , guilty of being a Greek. All by association if your going me racist because of association of trump then you you have to include the other associations also other wise your just being a hypocrite and a bigot .
        You post random insults with random assumptions, with no supporting substantive evidence for the efficacy of your dialogue , it’s all speculation and conjured up by your electrical abnormalities in the brain. I have to wonder did Cannabis do this to you?

      4. @ mark
        How I’m I to know what there protesting for all I see is there kneeling during the anthem ? I’m I mind reader ? The national anthem had nothing to do with police brutality there using the tool to protest brutality with come on , I thought you had some logical intelligence . But just like the nut job that posted I said I was a successful business man when actually I just stated some dignity about our president and I guess you girls got your feelings hurt.

      5. @ mark
        So much anger and hate ? I can make a referral for a psychiatrist for that hostility of mental anguish you have . I would even pay for it if you can’t afford it . I’m here to help you out buddy, Trump and I will help get you to a higher level of consciousness of awareness. Trump loves you mark ..

    3. So University of Tennessee linebacker Will Ignont got a suspension because of possible possession of Cannabis in a routine traffic stop . And in so doing so goes with the status quo stating what he did was unacceptable for the team !
      There is where as I mentioned before the NFL protest’s for Cannabis could actually move this in a good favor especially with the recent news from NBA on the subject ..
      If the focus is on the Cannabis through the sports we could relive alot of the pressure of stigma of this .. look at bill Goldberg he is a great athletic individual got busted in the NFL for Cannabis and he was out .. All because of keeping with the status quo . Again if they would put there protesting efforts towards the truth of Cannabis it will relieve the issue of the back lash of racism with it’s use . They would gain alot more support that I guarantee you ..

    4. Bro I just want to say for all those people out there who are blind America 60 years ago wouldn’t let you into a restaurant because of the color of your skin or drink at a fountain but would make you go to war to be killed when John Kerry and George Bush serving 3 months of their lives in Vietnam things like this going on America doesn’t care for certain people so I’m very surprised that they even pledge allegiance at all to a country who treats them like trash your child gets killed by a security guard and he’s 14 years old and the guy doesn’t go to jail that’s pretty sick we’re not going to say what color the kid is because all lives matter to me as a Christian we’re all created by God and your kidney will work in anybody I just wish everybody would open up their blind hatred eyes and see that this world is sick and we do not need dissolute man this is the land that I love not the government which has done all sorts of things to make me feel less of a person for no reason other than the color of my skin open your eyes people don’t you be racist and ignorant as well have some empathy and put yourself in the same person shoes

    1. I’m seventy-two and have smoked pot since I was 22. What an interesting time in my life! My world became more liberal as I passed through my twenties. I slowed down on trying the ways of the world during my child rearing years but have found that my ailments have encouraged more pot use in the last twenty years. If I can afford quality marijuana, I would not sit all day, because my arthritis would be less and I could get projects finished. God created marijuana so I have a hard time ignoring that perfect natural herb ? as being healthy for pain plus it’s natural. It’s High Time to legalize God’s gift to us.

      1. That’s wonderful news Melinda. Click on the Act tab and share/ copy your personalized message to your Congressman on each of the pending legislations. If your Reps are Republican, dont forget to add the new Gallup poll that shows a majority of Republicans now want marijuana legalization.

      2. Melinda, if you have to sit, make sure there is a good well-lit worktable and tools in front of you where you can do quality handwork.
        The key to getting more walking exercise done is to have a good walkstick which you can make out of a selected trimmed tree branch using wire to create a side-handle instead of expensive rich-guy crookhandle. Hold the walkstick in the hand opposite the limb which is more lame or painful and plant it on the ground just before each step with that limb.
        Not only does the stick-aided walking nonmedically address arthritis (I know personally) but it is the natural partner to the cannabis when you can get any (if you can’t, try hops or oregano)– target the next 129 minutes after any toke for vigorous exercise and fasting except for water.

  4. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) is targeted for being out of a job because of his stupidity. This being pushed by the Cannabis caucus.

  5. Done.

    Here is that link again;


    I believe your link got saved with “Welcome back Justin.” Theres a “click here” if you’re not Justin or just use this link above.

    Only we can make our Congress do the right thing and renew the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendent for the 2018 budget year. This isn’t a firedrill people; it’s quite possible that the budget wont clear the House before the 8th of December with all the monkey wrenches this President is throwing into the debt-ceiling showdown… like trying to barter DACA for his stupid wall that even Republicans won’t pay for. That means even during a government shutdown, AG Sessions can technically use whats left in this year’s budget to begin cracking down until we get a budget passed. It’s time to get in our Congressman’s face at town halls. Track them down for event on their websites. Call their staffers and ask for someone knowledgeable about medical marijuana policy;


    Congress will not benevolently do the right thing unless we visit and call them up, let them know we are voting constituents in their district and DO vote… and won’t stop calling until we get an answer.

    Be polite. Be persistent. Be NORML.

  6. I’ll be sure to let my Congressman, Andy Harris (R) MD, know exactly how I feel. Then come Nov 2018 I’ll cast my ballot for whoever is running against this reefer madness inflicted prohibitionist!

  7. Jeff Sessions needs to be hung by a rope till death.
    He deserves it fort his failure to jail the Washington DC criminals, and there are plenty of LAW BREAKERS to jail in Washington DC.

  8. Well wouldn’t tell from reading these comments that a lot of people who use Marijuana are actually decent normal people. All anyone can see is hateful screwed up people that are just poor helpless self prescribed victims that bitch about everything and are nasty about everything that dont really deserve to be heard at all. Look at yourselves people, how you talk and act.. then go ahead and wonder why nothing will happen for you. Go ahead run your mouth, you obviously can’t help yourself, is to many like you ruining your own lives. my work ethic must be my damn white privilege .. not the fact that I do what is necessary in life and have respect rather then just bitch about everything. You must live in a city. Wow what a rotten what to be. The everything is your fault you must be white bull shit. Not one person black white or any color in between act like that where i live, everyone just works hard together and takes care of our community together, crazy concept right. What a sad horrible hateful life you must live. Bitch all you want I don’t care to check back and nothing someone like you says hurts or hinders my life at all.

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