NORML “Rolls Out” New Rolling Papers

NORML-CURVED-Rolling-Papers-min-678x381The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, NORML, announces a new partnership with Curved Papers, Inc. to produce branded rolling papers which are now available online and at select stores nationwide.

You can click HERE to purchase them online.

These 100% hemp papers feature a curved edge that results in a more evenly rolled end product.

A portion of the proceeds from the papers goes directly to NORML in order to sustain our efforts in promoting legalized adult use, expanded medical availability, and other related advocacy efforts in the cannabis community.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.00.29 AMThe NORML rolling papers debuted as part of Rolling Stones’ “Weed for the Holidays” gift giving guide.

Click here to get your NORML curved papers and support our critical advocacy. 

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  1. Haha nice, these look sweet. Wasn’t aware that the curved design was more effective/efficient. Can’t wait to check them out and see how they burn while supporting NORML! 🙂

  2. Best of Luck in the upcoming year NORML.

    Thank you very much for all you do to make America a better place to live in by working toward protecting the freedom so many of our ancestors have died for! I’m talking about the freedom so many of our elected officials seem to be trying to take away; particularly that elfish goon that was appointed to be the Attorney General.

  3. Thank you all of you at National NORML and Chapters everywhere that continue to support Americans who wish to roll up “One Good Spliff” with some friends and family… so that we dont allow state and federal laws to continue to discriminate smoked consumption of marijuana.

    A good pairing for NORML curved papers:

    1). Jamaican: Red Stripe beer or a craft amber ale with songs “Finally the Herb’s Come Around” (Collie Buds), Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up” and Peter Tosh’s “Legalize it.”

    2): Texan: A Coffee Porter or Fireman’s Four on tap from Real Ale Brewery, with songs “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die (Willie Nelson & Snoop Dog), and ZZ Top’s “If somethin Makes You Feel Good.”

    Ya’ll have any other pairs please feel free to share!

    1. I had Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” album. Still remember the little message in the inner fold of the album cover. Said something like, “This album cover is great for rolling herb.” Something like that. My brother and I listened to that album regularly. I still remember some of the words of that song too:

      “Doctors smoke it . . . teachers smoke it . . . even the lawyers too . . . ” Great album.

      1. I like rolling up on Marley’s Uprising album. Poker night at my house is about the only time I get to do that ritual. Pot’s right and almost legal!

      2. Since I’m in Mexico on vacation I should add another pairing:

        The Mexican: A “caguama” (40 oz Corona Familiar) and “La Cucaracha,” the version where he can’t walk anymore cuz he ran out of weed.

        Of course, knowing your allergies to alcohol, a non alcoholic salud might be a better “salud.”

      3. Julian, enjoy your vacation. Do you have any local “connects” to enhance your vacation? We used to visit Juarez semi-regularly; it was always fun. Not sure I’d want to go there now.

      4. Not any more… I got kids and a drug war to worry about. Im just a gringo tourist married to a Mexicana down here.
        The cartels move aggressively on the business owners who take our tourist dollars. Im not getting involved over a sack of weed. I got the good stuff at home. And besides, buying fairly taxed and regulated marijuana… or any whole plant drug for that matter… in the US is the only way were going to stop this violence anyway.
        Well, that and pairing and sharing our favorite strain with some good music and friends. Good is contagious.

      5. Since I didn’t mention the mj strains to pair with, my favorite strain, BTW, is still “Trainwreck.” (No connection to the wreck in Washington… respect to the victims). I love the good conscience high that a pinene-smelling sativa brings.

        Although, every strain is circumstantial to the situation. If the kids are in bed and it’s late and it’s party time I might just hit an Indica-leaning strain like Blueberry Kush. Honestly, the beauty of marijuana is that we find our own personal pairing to the food, drink, religion and lifestyle we choose to live. Cannibus Liberamus.

      6. I don’t blame you. I was once with my brother and cousins in Nogales, years ago, and some guy in a bar wanted to sell one of my cousins “Chiva.” Needless to say, we quickly talked my cuz out of it, told him he’d be stupid to do it on so many levels.

      7. Julian,

        My fave raves are Chem 4, Bubba Kush & Blue Dream, mostly indicas. Love watching flicks or listening to music on them–or, most of all, playing board games.

      8. On second thought, Bud, I might just stay right here in Mexico!

        (JK… I might snow bird it but Im gonna keep fighting for justice in Texas).

        Mexico is talking about importing mmj at first, probably as early as February. (don’t ask me how the irony of bringing it from the US state markets works out… probably it will come from Canada to avoid an international crisis).

        But Copefris, the state health regulation agency is even talking about allowing cultivation! This is revolutionary. Mexicans are complaining about gouging drug prices, (I know, because my father in law is doing that right now). But the cartels are both feet into synthetics and opioids. It started with California legalizing mmj in 97 and black markets appear to have completed their defection of marijuana as California completely legalizes 20 years later, (next week).

        In fact, pharmaceutical assassins like Purdue and Insys Therapuetics have been buying up properties in Mexico and competing (or joining) directly with local cartels for the opioid market. With 5 star hotels abandoned in Alcapulco to grow poppy and extort local business and the Mexican Supreme Court deciding on whether to create a Military State here, it’s not that surprising Mexico is making the bold move to legalize medical marijuana. With the exceptional agricultural climate here, allowing cultivation is about to reset the rules, sending tremors throughout international drug law, and it will be Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Portugal leading the way.

      9. I did see that news about Mexico considering MMJ legalization–that’s great news. I also saw the troubling news about a possible Mexican military state. Guess they’re getting their cue from us.

      10. Regarding your link, Portugal’s movement toward legalization is very encouraging. Once again, the legalization movement is coming from the left–my god, even the Portuguese Communists!

      11. I know, I love the Portuguese. They’re so laid back compared to the rest of Europe.
        And its no small coincidence our UN Secretary General is Portuguese. I hope the global trend of defying a volatile American administration encourages a more liberal UN drug policy.
        The Communist part of this legalization influence I find particularly ironic, especially considering the traditional Back-in-the-USSR meaning of the term and current Russian influence on our administration. Nixon’s trip to Communist China preceded the CSAct creating a communist police state hidden within our Democratic Republic. I mean, the dirty law actually designates a “drug czar.”
        We really need some more distinguished titles for different types of socialism and “communism.” Trump’s new tax plan is essentially communist socialism for the wealthy if we really think about it. Remember when Republicans took “Communists” to trial? WTHell happened with THAT?
        I remember posting to you once how Bernie Sanders called out US military spending as socialism and redefined “populist socialism” when right wing propaganda tried to smear him with Hitler’s Nationalist Socialism. Big difference, especially for a cranky old Jew from Brooklyn. Were gonna need some NORML curved papers to get over the Socialist/Communist learning curve! 🙂

        As for Mexico “waiting on our cue,” that is unfortunately the case, my friend. The biggest lie racist prohibitionists like to spread is that somehow LATAM countries are solely responsible for our drug policies. Like Guatemala or Honduras ever had a chance after our CIA assasinated their Democratically elected leaders, armed both sides of a civil war and then let American corporations buy up all their land and resources. And now Trump blames their child drug war refugees for our made to fail drug policies? Then take credit for the blood and tears? Honestly, that’s the hypocrisy that’s motivating LATAM and Portugal to legalize.

  4. Speaking of “J” “O” “B”, and marijuana, let’s talk about marijuana and employment.

    You have the right to smoke pot. But if you work for a living, your employer is likely to disagree with you.

    Private employers, hiding behind corrupt politicians and their bogus, reefer-madness prohibition laws, insist: “You must choose between marijuana and employment; and, we will go so far as to drug test you, to ensure your compliance.”

    Well, I choose pot, fuckers.

    Marijuana legalization in a number of states has exposed the Corrupt Corporate Agenda, in that employers continue to drug test applicants for marijuana, even in states where marijuana is legal. Gone is the bogus rationalization “that’s the law.”

    I call fraud on that.

    See your enemy. Understand the situation. The pot smoker has many enemies, from the cops, to the politicians, to the snitching neighbors, to the socially judgemental. Your employer is front and center among the bastards.

    Do not let money obscure your reason. Employers, both public and private, represent your most immediate, day-to-day, clear and present risk. You might be able to avoid the cops today, but you will still need money today, and for that, you need to go to Corporate America with your hat in your hand.

    Suckers, they are waiting for you to do just that!

    Corporations are not people, but they sure do manage to fuck people over real good! But you can’t smoke a joint with a corporation, and you can’t shake it’s hand.

    Do you live to work, or work to live? Who’s life is it, anyway? Do you work to better yourself, or to make corporations richer and more powerful?

    Are you complicit?

    I call on all cannabis consumers to come out of the closet, fully, and now. Let your employers see you. You are bigger than they are. You don’t owe them; they owe you. They are the needy: it’s “help wanted” not “work wanted.” Remember that.

    Make them hire an out-of-the-closet stoner!

    1. Part of that solution, Dain, is happening right now:

      Finally, scholarship incentives to major in the cannabis industry.

      One of the reasons I have so passionately posted here on this blog for so many years, legalization aside, is that I view this forum… indeed this library… as an opportunity for free continuing canneducation.

      The history of cannabis and marijuana law is the history of our nation and heritage. Everything we need to know about how our government works… or doesn’t, as the current tax bill reaps our freedom… is written in the history of American marijuana policy.

      To fight back for our freedom we need to continue to vote with our dollars, our investments and our weed. We choose whole plant cannabis over synthetic patented poison. We choose Public Canniversities and support cannabis scholarships over overinflated tuitions from pharmaceutically and petrochemically purchased private institutions. We… meaning with peer reviewed science.

      The power and security of American economic prosperity rests on what we choose to purchase and our ability to grow sustainable agriculture. That requires we invest not only in the industrial and commercial aspects of cannabis, but on the legal and biological coevolution of cannabis and humans from the endocannabinoid system to the habital limits of our planet and living universe.

      If we invest in public cannabis scholarships and institutions with continuing education as NORML has done, we may not only create more representative and just governments; we may discover that cannabis itself has been using our brains and feet to educate and reproduce itself.

      1. Yes, indeed… a couple years ago, I was talking candidly about marijuana with a practicing family physician, in a social context; and she told me, “We’re just not trained about cannabis in medical school. It’s simply not in our pharmacorpia.”

        Education is the fundamental precursor to Employment. But an even more necessary precursor to Education is a basic Respect for Truth. Without that, Education becomes nothing more than indoctrination.

        Without a respect for Truth, indoctrination follows the lead of Power alone. This, in turn, leads to crimes against humanity, such as the War On Drugs, including marijuana prohibition.

    2. I totally agree with you. I always resented the fact that we had to go through that BS just to have a friggin’ job.

      1. Thanks, Evening Bud. I appreciate the solidarity. I don’t often get a chance to vent like that in real life. We’re all too busy these days it seems, including myself, to sit down for these important discussions. That’s assuming you can find someone else around you who even gives a shit. So mostly I hold these conversations in my head, between me, myself, and I. Been doing that for many years, arguing with memes. It is refreshing to have a real discussion of sorts. Thanks again, and thanks to all here.

      2. Dain,

        It’s always a pleasure talking to you and others here. I told my primary physician years ago that pot helps me sleep and relax. She initially gave me some flak over that, but doesn’t any more. I think she’s elated that I don’t drink or smoke cigs.

        Regarding holding conversations in your head (as I’ve done myself plenty of times), I hear ya. I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation in my family for being obsessed with MJ legalization. I don’t care. We all have issues near and dear to our hearts. Legalization can only help our society–in many many ways. Keep up the fight brother!

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