Congressman Jerry Nadler Wins Ranking Member On Judiciary Committee

NORML Board Chair Steve Dillon with Nadler

NORML Board Chair Steve Dillon with Rep. Jerry Nadler during the 2017 National NORML Lobby Day.

During a House Democrats meeting on Wednesday morning, the caucus elected marijuana reform supporter Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to be the party leader on the powerful Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Nadler has earned an “A+” rating on the NORML Scorecard for his support of ending the federal prohibition of marijuana, positive votes when given the opportunity, and his co-sponsorship of legislation including the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act in the previous session of Congress.

The current Chairman of the committee is Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), a longtime opponent of marijuana reform who has earned a “D” on the NORML scorecard for voting against reform amendments when given the opportunity. However, Rep. Goodlatte had announced earlier this year that he will not be running for reelection, which will leave a wide-open race on the Republican side who will be the top member in the next Congress.

Given the political climate, in order to secure hearings on legislation that would end prohibition, it is essential that the next Chairman of the Judiciary be willing to address the issue.

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    THAT’S what I’m talking about NORML!

    You mean to tell me I’m sitting here in Mexico sippin on Tequila and herb watchin Youtube videos of Stephen Marley live, I flip on my favorite web-canniversity at NORML, and you wanna tell me that the Judiciary Chair recently vacated by the longest serving Democrat will now be filled by an A+ Marijuana reforming rebel by the last name of Nader?!

    Underneath the surface of this costic corporate coup of what used to be our Democratic Republic, the roots of our marijuana movement are STRONG. They can cut down the weed but it grows right back. Stay strong and stay active fellow marijuana rebels. 2018 is going to get good.

    1. Correction: “Nadler.” Guess I was on a train of thought from an early NORML supporter, Ralph Nader. Still great news!

    2. I second the motion!

      I’m really hoping the Dems get the House next year. I think if that happens we can really start heading toward national legalization. Notwithstanding the protests of some here, GOPers, Trump supporters, etc, who complain that we must be politically “neutral” in our comments, it is the Dem party that is going to help usher us into natl legalization (guided of course by NORML and other advocates).

      Sorry, Conservatives, but your party just isn’t helping much. If/when that changes, I’ll stop poking at you. But right now the GOP is one of the main hindrances to legalization (and those GOPers, Libertarians and Cons who are honest with themselves know this is true.)

      Good riddance to Goodlatte and any other politico who stands in our way (Dems included–Diane Feinstein, I’m talking to you!).

      1. Bud,
        After what happened in Alabama and this recent tax plan… and the fact that Trump can’t wait to go on his ego-tripping campaign that only ignites more Democrats to get out and vote… and the list goes on… I don’t think there is any question that marijuana-law-reforming Democrats are going to rake in the House and the Senate next year. Hell, theyre literally taking names out of a bowl right now to see if Democrats took back the Virginia legislature for the first time in 17 years.
        As Drumph’s days are numbered, the key branch of government to watch is the judiciary. Now that Drumph has caught on that the Mueller investigation isn’t going away and he’ll go to court if he fires Rosenstein, he’s rushing in “loyal” Federal Judges… that happen to be parasitic prohibitionists… as fast as he can. (Even threatening to fire Gorsuch because he didn’t understand that Federal Judges have to lie and say they are not loyal to the executive branch during confirmation… what a doofus).
        One Drumph nominee, Mathew Petersen, was just a bobble head for the FEC and couldn’t even say he ever read the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Thank God he backed down.
        We need all the time we can get while the Federal Courts aren’t completely poisoned with Trumpanzees smacking gavels and flinging poo. Sessions is trying to buy time in this big Federal marijuana case:

        He just filed for an extension of time over the Plaintiff’s Motion to deny his Motion to Dismiss. Sessions doesn’t want to argue the merits of the CSAct or Alexis Bortell’s 1st amendment rights because he knows he can’t win. If this case makes it to the Supreme Court Justice Kennedy has a soft spot for the 1st amendment. The entire legalization of marijuana is in question.

      2. Julian,

        Thanks for translating the legalese. Still, I had to google Alexis Bortell to refresh my memory of who she was. This I indeed a crucial case.

  2. The Republicans are the ones who are protecting Trump, and who are conspiring in his crimes against America.

    Therefore, it is the Republicans who all must be removed from office in 2018. I see no other way.

    Get them out.

    1. Nancy,

      I can assure you that if the Dems recapture the House, my Dem Reps are gonna be hearing from me. While too many of our Dem Reps and Senators keep playing nice, the GOPers keep going for the throat. And the American public keeps suffering from terrible plutocratic policies because of that. I want to see people behind prison bars–for suppressing the vote, for frivolous Senate and House investigations and other dirty political tricks. I’m sick of this crap.

      And I’m going to keep bugging them about Fox News. Why is a network that is so obviously a propaganda organ for one political party allowed to exist? I thought there were certain ethical and moral standards that a network was supposed to have in order to have a license. This is ridiculous, and has gotten completely out of hand.

      I’ve told my Reps and Senators too, in no uncertain terms, via emails and talks with their office people, that if they can’t or won’t fight the GOP, and if they can’t REALLY start fighting for the little guy economically, then I will support a primary challenger in a heartbeat.

      I’ve also given them a mouthful on military spending. It’s completely out of control. They, especially GOPers, keep telling us they have to cut “entitlements” (or as Paul Ryan keeps saying “entitlement reform”), but when it comes to military spending, all they ask is how much do you need? Another Trillion $$? No problem. Where do we send the check? It’s ridiculous.

    2. I agree with you whole heartedly!!!!!!
      Take them down however whenever possible!
      We need or medicine and country back from these ancient old bastards now. Go home retire I say! If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem!
      right?can I get an amen. Lol….but for real tho

  3. Independent News from TYT has Cenk dogging on Nadler for “preemptively” backing down on impeaching Trump:

    I bring this up as we face many dilemmas from reps that champion marijuana policy directly and yet misdirect us indirectly, such as the future of mmj weighing on the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment even though Rohrabacher is a Russian spook.
    So first, let me say I dont agree with everything Cenk says; local news is not “dead” even if the internet has decentralized reporting to combat corporate media propaganda. Most of our real investigative reporting news is still reliant on local news reporting… as much as Cenk’s own reporting is.
    With that said, he should know well that Dems are going to lay low from the shitstorm until we gain back Congress next year. Or as the new saying goes “When they go low, we go local.” Republicans and Democrats alike all have $#!+ in their own back yards, which is why we see all this repulsive @$$-ki$$ing going on for Trump and why the 25th amendment is a much more likely scenario for Trump considering that no one wants to get dragged down the toilet with him and his bucket of KFC.
    Stategically, Nadler is a superb choice for chair of the House Judiciary Committee. Not only for his record on marijuana policy, but because he didn’t go after Clinton when Repubs hypocritically degraded our Democratic Republic. What scares Republicans more? Russian hacked emails? Or their past sexual aggressions? Both and more?
    Well its the same for Democrats. We got both and more when it comes to every prohibitionist donation from Defense Contractors like Northrup Grummand to CVS Caremark. Dems back down (and this is where I agree with Cenk) because they take all the same dirty dark money.
    Lets grow hemp and marijuana instead of poppy.
    Lets grow home grown marijuana and cut out the parasitic middle men and cut out the black market. Lets grow NORML.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Love my tut also. Sure not any one news channel is perfect but I think they do try to get it right.

      1. Keeping it in context, I know you meant “TYT”. (Not “tut.”) I was like “King Tut?” Did we just go Egyptian in this conversation? 🙂

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