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When NORML was founded in late 1970, only 12% of the country supported legalizing marijuana; 88% were opposed to our goals. After decades of hard work by thousands of committed advocates like you, we have gradually won the hearts and minds of a majority of the public. Today, over 60 percent of adults nationwide support ending marijuana prohibition and establishing a regulated market where consumers can obtain marijuana in a safe and secure setting.

We are certainly proud of the enormous progress we have made toward ending marijuana prohibition, especially the gains we have made over the last several years. Today, 30 states have legalized the medical use of marijuana; eight states and the District of Columbia have fully legalized the recreational use of marijuana. And we continue to add more victories each year.

But legalization in Colorado means nothing to those who are arrested for simple possession in Georgia, just as a robust medical program in California means nothing to the cancer patient in North Carolina.

So far this year, we are pushing for over 70 pieces of legislation and expect that number to easily eclipse 150 in the coming weeks.

This is why your support is more important than ever and to show it, we’re bringing back the NORML membership cards.

The goal at NORML is to achieve a policy under which responsible cannabis consumers are treated fairly in all aspects of their lives.

First and foremost, our mission is to reform state and federal marijuana laws to ensure that no adult will ever face criminal or civil penalties for the responsible consumption of marijuana and that all Americans have the ability to access cannabis for medicinal use if recommended by their physician.

However, just because more states have begun to legalize adult-use and medicinal marijuana doesn’t mean the fight is over; cannabis consumers are still being penalized and discriminated against in a number of ways.

We believe that:

It is wrong that consumers remain subject to job discrimination. Employers ought not to be able to fire employees solely for their off-job marijuana usage, just as employers are unable to sanction employees who consume alcohol after work or on the weekends.

Marijuana consumers must not be subject to over-regulation and excessive taxation. Marijuana consumers want a product that is safe, convenient and affordable. We want the marijuana to be tested in a state-certified lab to assure it is free of molds and harmful pesticides, and we want accurate labelling of the THC and CBD levels.

And parents all too often have to fight to maintain custody of their children. The mere fact that a parent chooses to consume marijuana must not be treated under the law as a presumption they are unfit parents.

And thousands of drivers are arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, simply because they tested positive for some small amount of THC in their system, without the slightest evidence they were driving while impaired. NORML opposes the imposition of these zero-tolerance per se traffic safety laws and is lobbying for their repeal.

So, as you can see, we still have lots of work ahead of us — even in those states that have enacted some form of marijuana legalization. “>Please join our fight today by becoming a card-carrying member of NORML.

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  1. While large estate donations are welcome 🙂
    Making a recurring donation helps us as doners and NORML (and NORML chapters) to budget education and lobbying efforts both state and federal throughout the year.

    And lets help states out when they need the push. Michigan, New Jersey, Missouri and Texas all have active NORML chapters (chapters link below on this webpage) all on the verge of passing major marijuana legislation within one year from now.

    Texas NORML is completely out of funds and desperately needs donations to stay active.

    We just released our voterguide but that took many members volunteering their precious time to vet candidates on marijuana policy by phone, email and in person across a very large landmass that is Texas. It also took efforts from MPP to make this voter guide. But as much as we do need their help, (And Lord knows we DO), they represent marijuana industries more than consumers. MPP represent consumers because its good for business. NORML represents marijuana consumers because its good for ALL our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    With a little support to Texas NORML from more than 420,000 NORML members nation wide we can help spread the message of which legislators are on our side in Texas and pass medical marijuana during the very short 2019 legislative session in January, in a state that used to send Texans to life in prison for small possessions if marijuana.

    So let’s help eachother out. When we see a state in trouble let’s give them a boost. Because all states that wish to legalize marijuana have a common enemy… and thats our lack of cooperation and participation in the legislative process.

    1. I am dissatisfied and very disappointed with Colt DeMorris the manager of El paso norml in texas. He is very pessimistic disrespectful and rude to me in the El paso NORML discussion board. Please look in to disciplinary action for this guy hes talking to a man in a wheelchair insulting my intelligence. He onky gets to work after i light a fire under his ass. Look at our Facebook comnents on the El Paso NORML PAGE heres a link he is doing good now but still is very against norml mission statement

  2. I would like to get literature to hand out at my place of employment.
    I work at a hydro shop that is opening in California City on the 19th of this month.
    Seems like a good place to bang a drum so to speak.

  3. I’m not sure the right way to approach our online community about my states medical laws so forgive me for doing it this way.
    That being said I live in utah. We have two bills being made and both are unrealistic with what there proposing.

    Only terminal il patients will have access to it AND the grower will be a third party Monopoly that will provide all medical cannabis.

    We have attained the nearly 118,000 signatures to put forth a reasonable bill to go on November’s ballot….. We need some sort of representation here, I never see any articles or news about Utahs laws which are moving forward just in the wrong direction

    Some one Much smarter than me please HELP us!!!!!!

  4. Well it looks like the 7th level of Hell, where Nixon’s eternal soul currently resides in infamy, has finally frozen over;

    Roger f-ing Stone? Wrote an affidavit in the ongoing case of Washington v Sessions to support a restraining order against Jeff Sessions and an injunction on the CSAct he helped create?!
    (Sorry for the long link… perhaps NORML staffers could kindly hyperlink to “Stone” since I’m not on my laptop). 🙂

  5. Let me be clear… I still believe Stone’s advocacy steers for Big Pharma as he firmly stands with quasi-prohibition in schedule 2, the same scheduling as cocaine.

    But despite his Tricky-Dick past, and of course, the fact that he’s ki$$ing liberal @$$ because he’s smart enough to know where this Russia investigation is heading and he’s on Mueller’s $#!+ list…

    …in the spirit of this movement, I do believe bad men can do good and admit that they were wrong. (Just becareful, they then use their new power to entrap the other side like Emperor Constantine and St Paul did to Rome after converting to the Christianity they persecuted).

    Ok, (deep breath) I may not agree with half the things Roger Stone does or says, (f%€* schedule 2… and f%€* the profit Stone made publicizing prohibition)…but revealing first hand the racism and purpose of the CSAct under his tenure with the Nixon administration and notarizing it in this historic affidavit… truly does make him a “member of the movement.”

    (Ugh… I feel like washing my typing fingers…)

  6. In case that link doesn’t work, let me copy the last paragraph of the Affidavit filed in Washington v Sessions written by Roger Stone about the Nixon administration he served that created the Controlled Substances Act:

    “While there also may well have been those who genuinely believed that marijuana was a dangerous drug on par with heroin, the individuals responsible for making and administering America’s drug policies were, in my opinion, not among them. The driving force behind the CSA and its administration were to supress and discriminate. It represents a regrettable and unfortunate period in American history which, I trust, contemporary society will endeavour to correct- perhaps now.
    For these reasons I join the plaintiffs’ request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injuction.
    Signed, Roger Stone.”

    Stone also quotes Mr. Erhlichman’s famous “You wanna know what this is really about?” Quote that identifies the “anti-war left” and “black people” as the “enemy” of Nixon and the CSAct.

    But now that quote is testimony, along with Stone’s personal experience under a racist, unconstitutional administration for the court case of the century, that is truly about connecting all our personal freedom as Americans of all races, religions and backgrounds to cultivate, sell, consume and possess whole plant marijuana in lieu of patently unhealthy synthetic pharmaceutical death and disproportionate incarceration and voter supression.
    If only those under another racist, prohibitionist administration could be compelled to testify the same way today?

  7. Aside from monetary donations, are there other ways I can become involved? I have dedicated my life in volunteering my time in support of my beliefs and values. Marijuana reform and education is something I am very passionate about. I fully support legalization, however I would like to better understand the governments role and to be a part of helping others understand what they are supporting from both sides. How can I help, with what I have and from where I live?

    1. Click on the chapters link here on this webpage and find the State Affiliate, usually the chapter closest or in your state capitol. Find out what voter guides they have and if they need you to vet candidates for marijuana policy in your district. When does your state legislative session begin and end? What state marijuana legislation is being introduced in your state. Click on the tab to find out what state laws you can focus on with your state legislature. Then dress up professionally and Citizen lobby your State Representative and State Senator’s office. Remind them you are a voting constituent and ask them if they will cosponsor pending state marijuana legislation. Do some recon on your reps’ websites. Find out what their interests are and work from there. Good luck!


    What is it with Extreme right wingers suddenly going soft on marijuana policy after the heat picks up on their connections to Russian money laundering?

    Note that this is a FORMER NRA director piping up about the injustice of arresting marijuana consuming gun owners with felony possession. No active NRA affiliate much less director has ever stuck their neck out in support of marijuana reform. Law enforcement are some of their best customers. But these days, law enforcement are customers of state legal marijuana as well.

    Truth is, with the way the CSAct is written, any controlled substance in the schedule 1 category is a forfeit to bear arms under federal law. It’s not clear if big money from the NRA would stop a judge from ruling that way even if they did chime in (which they don’t and have not).

    But at least lets call the NRA out for what they are: treasonous arms brokers more interested in selling guns than defending the rights and national security of American citizens. Reinterpreting the 2nd amendment then ignoring the plight of marijuana consuming gun owners for more than two decades of state legalization is proof of that.

  9. Let’s help each other out. When we see a state in trouble let’s give them enhancement. All states that wish to legalize marijuana have a mutual opponent and that’s our lack of cooperation and involvement in the legislative process.

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