GOP Lawmaker: Trump Administration Pledges Non-Interference In Legal Marijuana States

Republican Senator Cory Gardner (CO) says that he has received a verbal commitment from President Donald Trump specifying that the administration will not take action to disrupt marijuana markets in states that legally regulate the substance.

“Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states’ rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana,” Gardner told the Associated Press. “Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the President that the Department of Justice’s rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado’s legal marijuana industry.”

He added: “Furthermore, President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states’ rights issue once and for all. Because of these commitments, I have informed the Administration that I will be lifting my remaining holds on Department of Justice nominees.”

In January, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidelines directing federal prosecutors not to take action against those who were compliant with state-sanctioned cannabis regulations. In response to that decision, Rep. Gardner had vowed to block all nominees for Justice Department jobs.

On Friday, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short said, Trump “does respect Colorado’s right to decide for themselves how to best approach this issue.” At a separate press conference, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that the President and Sen. Gardner had spoken about the issue and that the senator’s account is “accurate.”

In response to the administration’s pledge, NORML Director Erik Altieri stated: “We applaud this commitment from President Trump, who promised during his campaign to take a federalist approach with regard to marijuana policy. That campaign promise was not reflected by Trump’s appointment of longtime marijuana prohibitionist Jeff Sessions to the position of Attorney General or any of the actions that Sessions has taken since becoming the nation’s top law enforcement officer.”

“With the President now reiterating this commitment, it is time for Congress to do its part and swiftly move forward bipartisan legislation that explicitly provides states with the authority and autonomy to set their own marijuana policies absent the fear of federal incursion. Doing so would not only follow through one of Trump’s campaign promises, but it would codify the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans.”

Senator Gardner reiterated that he and his colleagues “are continuing to work diligently on a bipartisan legislative solution (to the state/federal conflict) that can pass Congress and head to the President’s desk.”

Thirty states have enacted statutes regulating the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Nine states have passed laws regulating marijuana use by adults. By contrast, federal law defines the marijuana plant as a ‘Schedule I’ prohibited substance that lacks “currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.”

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  1. Don’t forget Trump has admitted publicly that he will lie to get his way and Gardner is in his way from installing more swamp judge’s and other’s

    1. Walter Corcoran,

      Thank you for being awake!

      Here is what the REPUBLICANS are doing: they are attempting to divide, and defeat, the cannabis legalization community, via Federalism… so-called “states rights.” They want to stop legalization in its tracks, using “states rights.”

      Traitor Trump, and Cardboard Cory, want Colorado to say “We are so scared and frightened of that scumbag Trump, and his extortionist threats, that we are willing to sell out the rest of the states that have not yet legalized cannabis, in order to protect our own ass — er, I mean, state. We got “ours”, and that’s all we care about. So, we are going to kiss Trump’s ass, and betray our values, and even our Country, in order to keep “ours”, even if that means losing states like Alabama and Georgia and Mississippi.”

      Trump is counting on us being as selfish and unprincipled as he is. He wants us to betray each other, out of fear of his power.

      The goal? Trump wants to UN-UNITE the USA, using Federalism. Why? For Putin, of course. That’s their deal. Trump gets to be an oligarch, and Putin gets to put USA under fascist authoritarian control.

      But we won’t do it. Will we? Say “No!”

      Get it straight: NORML doesn’t stand for the rights of white, privileged cannabis consumers in Colorado. It stands for the rights of ALL cannabis consumers, in ALL states. The day NORML becomes a propaganda tool of the Trump Regime is the day I abandon NORML and go back underground for good.

      To celebrate this Cory Gardner horseshit propaganda is to join with Trump, and to give away our souls for selective class privilege, for some of us. Not for others.

      Do not buy into this scam, NORML, I AM BEGGING YOU. Look at the ruin that befalls anyone who tries to cut a deal with Trump, or one of his lackeys, like that little pussy Cory Gardner.

      1. I anticipate a counter-argument, which is, “If we don’t join with Trump to protect Colorado, we legalizers will lose not only Colorado, but the so-called tipping point, for legalization nationwide.”

        I disagree with this argument if it is presented, for two reasons: 1) join with Trump, and we lose the whole ball game, get used to living in fascist Russia, under gangster, mob rule. There is only losing under Trump, there is no win for legalization in a banana republic. 2) There is no tipping point under Federalism. State’s rights means USA does NOT tip, it fractures. This is not what legalization is about, it is the opposite: white privilege.

      2. You can’t join with Trump in order to protect yourself from Trump. That’s not logical. That’s called extortion. Traitor Trump is a gangster, a criminal, an extortionist. Stay as far the fuck away from that fuck as you can!

      3. Julian,
        Agreed, by all means, let us take advantage of Traitor Trump’s mistakes and crimes to defeat him and his fascist agenda. But never, never, ever say he EVER did anything GOOD for legalization, or America herself.

        Congresswoman Elenor Norton Holmes knows full well how Trump and his lickspittles view strong black women. She doesn’t give Trump one ounce of credit for doing the right thing.

        That’s because HE IS NOT doing the right thing, he is doing what he always does: Evil. In this case, extortion.

        In Trump’s right hand is Jeff Sessions, straining at his chain, threatening a crackdown on legal marijuana. In Trump’s left hand is a demand: “Give me my phony legitimacy as a real president, instead of the gangster you know me to be. Cover for me, and MAYBE I won’t hurt you real bad.”

        In her press release, Holmes never gave Trump credit for anything.

        But good people on this blog are falling for Trump’s bullshit. They do so when they praise Trump for not being AS evil as he could choose to be, at any time…

        Trump never stops telling us all the evil things he believes are within the scope of his power. That’s a threat — give me what I want, or you will get hurt. That is gangster extortion.

        What Trump wants is something he can never have: legitimacy.

        We must never give or lend him any.

      4. Dain,
        I’m with you that Trump is bent on destruction and division for Putin, but you shouldn’t be so quick to equate state’s rights to white privilege (irregardless of what “states rights” meant for the old south 50 years ago). And we also need to remember that Putin is certainly not the only big bad billionaire batman villain trying to divide and conquer a fairly taxed marijuana market, or freedom as it were. We have plenty of homegrown terrorists from the Koch brothers to the Mercers, the Sacklers, Insys Therapuetics and Sheldon Adelson to name a few.

        The 10th amendment is working for us. It’s what kept the Cole memos alive and it’s what allowed Colorado and Washington to keep the feds out to establish legal markets in the first place. In states like mine here in Texas, where we have no direct democracy and no voter initiative, the problem for freedom is Dems don’t get out and vote. We can’t blame Colorado for that. And while there are certainly elements of “white privilege” that make white neighborhoods fall prey to the super wealthy propaganda, we can’t exactly equate that to states rights… it’s a false equivalency, or putting the racist cart before the workhorse. Because white privilege has been defended by state’s “rights” does not mean state’s rights is intrinsicly white priviliged. If we say that we are feeding the propaganda that Fox “News” is selling: “You see? They hate us for being ‘white’”
        (Damn, I think I ran out of “quotes…”)

      5. Well, Julian, this gets tricky, because I feel that the more involved I become in the arguments for, or against, state’s rights, I feel as though I have been diverted somehow, into a cause that is not my own.

        There are certainly all kinds of scholastic arguments for and against states rights, and I have called state’s rights “a double-edged sword” before.

        But my deeper discomfort has to do with the fact that, for me, this is about real people. True, states represents real people; but it requires a level of indirection, or two, to make that claim.

        And it remains true: Corporations are not people; neither are states.

        There are legitimate issues to work out regarding the “rights” of this state vs that state vs “The State” (however that may be defined.) I wouldn’t impede those discussions.

        But ultimately, it’s not my fight. States can’t smoke weed. They can’t be imprisoned or killed.

        That’s why when I hear “states rights” I say “human rights.”

        I will concede the scholastics that are beyond my expertise, but I still try to keep my eye on the ball!

      6. If one lives in Georgia or Mississippi, it might not be so clear that states rights, as a tactic, is working for “us.” Are we the USA? United? Or, are we a loose federation of states under oligarch control?

      7. Julian, I support marijuana legalization, not states rights that fuck me out of Healthcare, and only semi-legalize marijuana, in some states.

        Gardner sees the conflict.

        Gardner opposes marijuana legalization, opposes Healthcare, and supports fascist Trumpism. That’s a raw deal! I can’t support that, or Gardner, or Trump.

        Mexweed is right — history will be quick to blame us stoners for Traitor Trump if we allow this.

        I would not give Cory Gardner any grade better than “C-“.

        Comments from Cory Gardner, directly from NORML congressional scorecard:

        “The new DOJ policies seem to imply that federal authorities will not preempt state laws. Does this set precedent of other areas? For example, several states have passed laws to opt out of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, yet the federal government has consistently said it will take over health insurance industries regardless of states that contest the law. If you do not agree that there is a precedent set, would you explain the inconsistencies of why in certain areas federal law may be deemed irrelevant, but not in others?”

      8. I would reply to Gardner “Good point, fuck ALL Republicans, in that case. Including yourself!”

      9. Changed my mind on the grade. After his opposition to legalization, and his support for Trump, and his opposition to Healthcare, INCLUDING medical marijuana patients, Cory Gardner gets an “F” from this stoner.

  2. Take this with a grain of salt until proven otherwise.sorry but can’t believe everything from his mouth anymore.

  3. great to hear! Remember, also, Sessions and the DOJ on small-scale prosecutions. Let us hope this stands, and more later on this.

  4. had a longer response but it did not post. but had to retype at least: great job Sen. Gardner! inspiring all to stand tall!

    1. Matt,
      I like you, kiddo, so I am going to give you a piece of good advice: don’t be a sucker.

  5. a long way since Spicer’s ominous “greater enforcement.” been scary and on edge since 2016. hahaha! take that, Sessions, KEVIN Sabet and Co. lets hope this holds up!

  6. Bullshit! Don’t be a fool.

    Senator Cory Gardner is a fucking liar.

    This is fascist propaganda, pure and simple.

    Traitor Trump’s word is worse than worthless — it is fascist propaganda. We know this, so snap out of it, goddamn it! When Cory Gardner pimps Traitor Trump’s “verbal commitment” then he’s as full of shit as Traitor Trump. You would have to be out of your goddamn mind to believe Gardner, or Trump!

    Cory Gardner does not support marijuana legalization, but he sure as hell supports Trump! That makes Cory Gardner a traitor. And anyone who listens to him a fool. This is not hard.

    Cory Gardner voted to take Healthcare away from his own constituents in Colorado. When they protested, he refused to meet with them, earning himself the nickname “Cardboard Cory”, after the lifesize, cardboard cutout photo of him which people “debated” instead.

    He doesn’t care about Healthcare… Do you really think he cares about medical marijuana patients?

    Fuck no. Fuck Trump, fuck Gardner, and fuck all their traitorous Republican cohorts.

    Fascist propaganda.

    Don’t say nobody warned you, suckers!

    1. The timing is what’s scary– now huuuuuugely well paid fake history writers might be able to blame cannabis popularization for the 6y11$#!!+ that resulted from elecqdting the trwmbpszters.

      1. The timing is what shocked me, too.
        This ad campaign was orchestrated, and it was launched for a reason that cannot be good.

      2. Any group or person who enables Trump will go down in history as vile Nazi collaborators.

        Let’s not let Republicans off the hook for that treasonous bastard Trump, with their sweet-talk and cannabis flowers and gas-lighting. They are like rapists with flowers. No wonder Trump has “rape” on the brain.

      3. Did you see Mitch McConnell, in a recent interview? He stated decisively, when asked about potential legislation protecting Mueller from being fired by Trump, that he will allow NO SUCH LEGISLATION on the Senate Floor. He has covered for Trump and Sessions all along.

  7. Smells of desperation on Trump’s part. Bob Mueller has the dirt on him now. So, what do Republicans do? Ad campaign. Of course! It’s their only real skill set.

    So, don’t fall for it. The Republicans are simply marketing a lie to us cannabis consumers, in order to protect Trump, because they think we’re stupid stoners. Don’t prove them right.

  8. Trump absolutely will keep his word. He’s consistently aimed to keep his campaign promises. Sessions was appointed for his stance on immigration not, drugs. Also, Trumps children believe in ending the War on Drugs completely!

    1. SavageSavant, you are living proof that you can fool some of the people all the time.

    2. “Consistently”? Read before you post. NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri explains that since hiring Sessions for AG Trump has consistently broken his campaign promise to leave mj regulation up to the states.
      Trump is desperate to take the headlines off of high treason and his pending indictments by a Federal Judge who can easily replace Mueller with any prosecutor she chooses. Thats why he’s coordinating with Russia to bomb (hopefully) empty airfields in Syria to hopelessly distract from the damning evidence in the investigation. Trump took a hard line prohibitionist stance by delegating drug policies to the worst prohibitionists Big Pharma and private prisons made available… and getting angry at Keebler for not recusing himself is not fooling marijuana reforming Republican voters.
      What Erik’s statement does is correctly place the pressure from all the big talk into action where it belongs… in Congress. Meaning it’s up to us not only to keep clicking on the ACT tab for 1227, but we also need to vet our candidates and push out the prohibitionists like Pete Sessions once and for all.

    3. What about Trump’s commitment to the Red states? A “Federalist” solution means no legalization at all in Red States. Foget about Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.

      So that’s it, eh? Abandon them all to Republican drug prohibition forever? And leave USA divided into “free” and “non-free” states? Sounds like a white supremacist’s wet dream. And a victory for Putin.

      I say, No!

      If it is part of the USA, we’re going to legalize it! Notice how it’s Republicans and Red State legislatures that are now always the ones standing in the way?

      Red State voters will receive precisely as much oppression and abuse from Republican politicians as they are willing to tolerate.

      Beak from the cult, and vote Democratic! (You really should try it, Reds. At least once, now, to save your own ass! It’s not a crime, you know — just sacrilege to your cult leaders. You all call yourselves “rebels”, right? Well? Who owns you now?)

      1. I meant to say “Break from the cult” not “Beak from the cult!”

        I don’t even know what that is!

    4. Very clear thinking in your post. Also the President was known in the 90s for thinking that drugs are better considered a medical issue rather than a matter of criminality. Think of this, Cannabis is a medical issue, Cannabis is the most medicinal plant in the world with a very strong prophylactic effect. So we see that cannabis is Always medical since it is actively preventing or slowing down a long list of human degenerative conditions. All cannabis is medical, we see, and the recreational aspect is simply a bonus.

      1. Ancient,
        Do we really need to list the number of issues Trump has flip flopped on… sometimes in one sentence? Who do you think youre fooling?
        “We’re in Syria… no, now we’re out”
        “No TPP… it’s raping us… Yeah, bring back the rape…”
        And from the campaign, he actially said, “How are they going to get over a wall? Well… a rope and a ladder…” (Hand slapping face emoji)
        So just because the dimented orange parrot repeated something smart about drug policy back in the 80’s when he thought it was convenient does not remotely convince any sane person that anything this man says can be trusted. Let’s focus on CONGRESS. Go ahead and put him on the mike Mueller; let’s get this overwith.

      2. ancient James, marijuana as a prophylactic never worked very well for me. What’s your secret?

  9. I will believe what tRumpty-dumpty (and anyone in his maladministration) says 20 days after the mutherf**ker has been buried & I’ve pissed on his f**king grave. Till then, he’s a lying f**king piece of shit turd who’s word is as valuable as used toilet paper.

    1. Swooper,
      Right. Twenty days is good, maybe longer. Best to play it safe; remember, one’s hair and fingernails continue to grow after death, for a long time.

  10. This does absolutely nothing for Veterans that receive all their health care from the VAMCs. Cannabis must be made completely legal at the federal level. All testing for any reason must become illegal.. let The Veterans live in peace growing and processing their own.

  11. Granted that without any question Trump’s word is unreliable at best, and more often the opposite of his intentions at worst in order to lure real effective compromise… such as Gardner caving on DOJ appointments… before Trump has to sign or do anything. Gardner should be terrified of losing his next election for failing to get Trump to sign a commitment in writing before giving him DOJ appointees that are clearly prohibitionist (and anti immigrant… it’s not either or but both and more).

    Remember Mitch McConnel did the same thing to the Democrats over DACA… “just pass these tax cuts for the super wealthy and THEN we’ll give you DACA.” Oh, yeah, that was just a lie. There’s no reason to believe he won’t studder on the hemp bill by blaming Pete Sessions in the House Rules.

    If Republicans want to sit at the table of real mj reform they have to put their money where there mouth is and give us a vote on some real marijuana reform, not false promises and lip service before an election that is going to hand Republicans a healthy dose of truth to power.

    With that said, what Trump is doing here (like it or not) is going to put unbearable pressure on Republican Congressman to make Pete Sessions resign as the obstructive prohibitionist Chair of the House Rules Committee that he is. It only takes 1200 Republicans out of the 7000 that voted against him in his Dallas district to let the Democrats take this seat. And as we approach May run offs, Democrats are just gaining steam with PAC refusing small donations. Former MPP director Rob Kampia has his doners locked on this district to get Pete out of office. We can push him out and force a new Chair to force a vote on 1227 before November elections. Tick tock, prohibition, tick tock…

  12. Is there anyone reading this blog who is literally stupid enough to believe anything Trump says? Ever?

    If so, step forth, I want a look at you. You need help. Do you have rabies? Too many bath salts? What is your major malfunction?

    You may need cult deprogramming.

    1. I don’t judge anyone for having been tricked by a trickster. Hell, I’ve been scammed many times, I am sorry to say. But as hard to admit as that might be, as tough on the ego as it is to admit you’ve been had, it is still critical to admit it, or you will continue to get fucked!

      So don’t get mad at me, Republicans, for calling you suckers. I am trying to help you, and help all of us. Pull your fucking heads out of your collective asshole (Trump)!

  13. so far Trump has made good on all his promises he made so far I don’t see a reason to doubt him now

  14. I’m glad he told Cory that. I want it in writing, as in the form of legislation legalizing cannabis that the Congress passes and President Trump signs into law. I don’t want him to have any time to reverse his position back to prohibitionist.

    There is medical value, and its use in a recreational setting has been demonized with untruths that have been deconstructed.

    It’s absolutely appalling that people are still being executed for cannabis. Cannabis needs to be removed from any kind of international prohibitions, schedules, treaties, agreements, whatever, you know, because these countries will no longer have an excuse that they have international law on their side. Not when it comes to cannabis anymore. I don’t want my government acquiescing in not doing anything to correct that. After it’s no longer prohibited internationally there’s no guarantee these countries will stop executing for cannabis, but they should be encouraged, coerced into reforming their criminal codes.

    Legalize immediately!

  15. carrot on a long stick held in front of donkey. Football pulled away at last moment before kicker kicks etc etc the never ending runaround

  16. Federalized approach Hmmmm….. We’ll see when the rubber meets the law makers. Only then will we know to throw the B.S. flag.

    Don’t stop fighting. We need to push for a federalized solution.

  17. I would be delighted to have legislation to stop police and government agent corruption by “Ending Cannabis Prohibition” here all across america. There are many, many criminals within the drug task force units that are guilty as hell of drug distribution and drug trafficking, extortion, violations against “civil rights issues”, creating private drug cartels that are responsible for most of the drugs in “YOUR HOMWTOWN”. Corrupted Government Bastards violations against the people as well as the government conspiracy against the desires of the majority of the people. Removing cannabis totally from the controlled substances list would be the appropriate approach to a viable solution. Remove CXannabis from the controlled substances list and End Police and government corruption. Just think of all the money to be saved. People should be allowed to grow at least (6) plants in their backyard for personal use.

  18. I would be delighted to have legislation to stop police and government agent corruption by “Ending Cannabis Prohibition” here all across america. There are many, many criminals within the drug task force units that are guilty as hell of drug distribution and drug trafficking, extortion, violations against “civil rights issues” and especially creating private drug cartels that are responsible for most of the drugs in “YOUR HOMETOWN”. Corrupted Government Bastards violations against the people as well as the government conspiracy against the desires of the majority of the people. Removing cannabis totally from the controlled substances list would be the appropriate approach to a viable solution. Remove Cannabis from the controlled substances list and End Police and government corruption. Just think of all the money to be saved. People should be allowed to grow at least (6) plants in their backyard for personal use.

  19. There is so little detail as to what this commitment really means, and I am sorry but verbal commitments with out any actual law is just political pandering. Nothing was done here.

    Also calling this a states rights issue is such BS if the federal banking system won’t be allowed to accept Marijuana business what does it matter about states rights.

  20. Some of you folks are not smoking weed. The anger, refusal to accept any progress, the rage that I see in the comments are alarming. Any positive movement is good. Whether Trump is doing this for any reason doesn’t matter. It’s still progress. All you are showing is that you are dangerously angry people. Y’all are just raging.
    Go smoke a fat one. Please!

  21. The linked Washington Post story inaccurately paints Traitor Trump as having a consistently principled “state’s rights” view on marijuana legalization, completely ignoring his often repeated death threats against drug users of all stripes.

    The Washington Post is to Kool-aid (Fake Juice) as Trump and Faux-News is to cyanide (deadly poison.)

    Additionally, Traitor Trump wouldn’t know a principled stance if you rolled it up and spanked him with it!!

    Uh oh. I shouldn’t have imagined that. I’m gonna go puke now.

  22. To hell with Federalism and State’s Rights. Human rights are what counts. Cannabis is medicine, we have a human right to use it. That includes Red States still under Republican control. We are not going to leave you behind.

    We are the UNITED States of America!

    So, fuck you, Trump!

  23. According to the way most of us vote, legalization is an inevitability. It is the role of the government to represent the people. Five years into Denver’s recreational legalization, the police once again control the town, largely due to the assistance and hiring of private security firms being given the leeway to apply force to protect the recreational industry. Many of us love to smoke, vape and invest. With the medical community’s wide stream acceptance and implementation along with the overwhelming profit it is only a matter of time until full scale legalization takes place. The current administration is simply being called upon to fulfill its political promises of federalism. This is a giant win win situation for legalization and the federal government. At this time it would be highly adventageous for all state governments to take full advantage of legalization from a political, medical, profitability and social stand point. By not legalizing recreational use, state governments are missing out right now on a vast influx of tax dollars that could turn the state into a financial boom town! The states with the best economies that lack recreational legalization are suffering dramatically compared to the state economies that have recreational legalization. The states of Colorado, Washington, and Oregon don’t have any retail space available. Any other states without recreational legalization that have good economies have already lost and are still losing their malls. This is not occurring in states with recreational legalization. The reason for this is two fold. The influx of tourism on all levels to recreationally legalized states has significantly bolstered the state’s economy and even the economies of the surrounding states. The states the jump on the recreational legalization bandwagon too late, will be missing a vast influx of cash forever.

  24. To win one must learn to accept a win even if it is delivered by someone you don’t like. Legalization at this point is more of a matter of maintaining law and order and restoring the public’s lost faith in gooberment. So take this obvious logical gift and put your efforts into ending reefermadness. Anything other than a victory dance is the bs. Raise money raise hell and vote out all who are opposed.

  25. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is currently calling “Fascism.”

    In a new book, she compares Trump to Mussolini. Warning signs: the press as propaganda; a “leader” who considers himself above the law; a scapegoat, slogan-oriented culture of xenophobia; and, a disrespect for the institutions of our Democracy.

    And the Republicans won’t lift a fucking finger to stop it. To hell with all of them. (Except Bob Mueller! Godspeed, Sir!)

    Fuck Traitor Trump, and every piece of shit Republican who sits on the sidelines, playing dumb, talking shit, waiting it out. I hope you burn in hell for your complicity.

    Meantime, Robert Mueller, even if he does everything right, cannot save our Democracy by himself. We must vote in the 2018 and 2020 elections, and take our country back from the fascist party of Trump. We need EVERYBODY!!!

    Register now! Then VOTE DEMOCRATIC!!

  26. IF trump was serious, all he has to do is;
    call a meeting with the heads of;
    the DEA,
    the FDA,
    the NIDA,
    and whatever agency is responsible for the ‘drug schedules’,
    all in the same room, at the same time,
    and tell them to STOP LYING ABOUT MJ, having no medical efficacy,
    and STOP RESISTING legalization.

    and if they say ‘no’,

    1. I wish,
      That goes for Republicans in general. If they weren’t lying about their support, they would have just legalized it already. What are they waiting for, Hillary’s approval? No, they’re just full of shit, that’s all.

      1. Why didn’t President Obama legalize cannabis on his watch? He had 8 years to do it. He had Democratic control of congress for two years in the beginning. What was his excuse for not legalizing cannabis on the federal level?

  27. A few small reasons to welcome the President into showing some action on his campaign promise to protect states rights;

    1). Jeff Sessions being left out of the deal is a purposeful motivation by the President to embarrass him for rightfully recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

    2. Egging Trump to pass ANY marijuana reform just to embarrass Sessions is fuel to get a bill drafted in Congress quickly, (at least in the Senate), as Trump is desperate to improve Republican polls before they lose Congress during November elections.

    3. BUT… there’s still another Sessions in the House… Pete Sessions… and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to shine the limelight on ol Stinky Pete to resign immediately WHEN he stands in front of the President’s agenda:

    “You gonna let the Sessions-Crime-Family beat up on your federalist agenda, President Trump?”

    I’d like to see the Donald give the two a stupid nickname… like “here comes Bad Confessions Sessions and his cousin, Stinky Pete.” I’m totally serious about this strategy.

    1. Julian, I will never say about Trump “I know he’s evil, but he’s useful.” That would make me no better than a Republican. It can only end badly, and it normalizes white supremacy and fascism.

      I have NO use for the fucker, whatsoever.

      1. Dain, I’m not saying we should shower Trump with false praise… a shower wouldnt hurt considering the emerging evidence of where he’s been… (he hits up porn stars at golf clubs and he’s a germaphobe?)
        …And I agree we must be careful not to legitamize a Nazi sympathizer. My grandfather wasn’t a medic in Normandy to see our President defend punk nazi murderers. Or my other Grandfather didn’t survive the pogroms in former Soviet Georgia to see this kind of anti-semitic propaganda flourish in our own government.
        Now that I’ve made myself clear, disagreeing with the President does not stop us from pidgeon-holing Trump’s supporters when they cross his agenda, whatever fleeting, flip-flopping agenda that may be. It’s called politics. Until we get the PAC money out of it we have to play by the Rules Committee… as in get Pete Sessions OUT!

      2. Julian, I do not question your loyalty to America or your comittment to the 420 cause.

        On the contrary, I am sounding the alarm among you and I and our friends and allies: Trump is extorting the marijuana legalization community!

        Do not give him the legitimacy he seeks! If we do, we become a fractured, divided community, while he consolidates his dictatorial power.

        This is bad!

  28. I read a lot of bad noise about Trump. But if he’s serious about all this, that is a good thing. Maybe he just figures, it’s about time to end this stupid war on cannabis, as it is getting people nowhere. They continue jailing people for simple possession, and there will just be more people selling cannabis on the streets, no matter how hard they try to crack down on it. The better choice here is take it off the streets, and to respectful business owners.

    The prices will be driven down, but that’s to be expected. Look at Oregon, where’s it’s like, 207? an ounce? I believe that is correct. 1/4 for a little over 50$ Not bad at all… I wish I lived there.

    I also hope that if they pass something federally, that Tom Wolf will consider passing legislation in legalizing here in PA.

    My two cents. 😉

    1. Trump never gave a fuck about anything but himself, and how to screw other people for his own gain. This is no different. Trump is a thug and a gangster, who figures he can use Jeff Sessions on a chain to extort the marijuana legalization community.

      The extortionist threat is Jeff Sessions and his impending crackdown; the extortionist demand is: Legitimacy. Submit to me as your master, and bow before the god emperor.

      Never, I say!

      1. I don’t worship any God, as they are all mostly bullshit. I certainly do not worship Trump, I just hope he does the right thing. He needs to fire that asshole Sessions, and not hire anyone who is like him either. But as you said, he doesn’t care. I am sure he’ll be out of office, as he will not last a second term. I have said that since before the elections, and during the elections that none of them will last beyond one term. I still believe that today.

  29. I salute Cory Gardner. From what I can tell he is a decent honest person who is trying to do the right thing for all of us.

    I hope Trump is able to keep his word on this pledge. If he gets impeached, which looks likely, I doubt that we can count on Pence since he seems to think just like Sessions regarding marijuana.

  30. It’s just like people, trump could officially federally legalize weed tomorrow and everybody would still call him a nazi and putin’s boy, if it was Hillary that won all your weed would be controlled by Monsanto, or still illegal I have always supported legalizing weed and trump and if the story is true it will mean that trump did more for weed than the useless cole memo, which can be and was easily overturned. Let us not forget the 140 raids Obama’s allowed for California dispensaries. Trump is already better then that. Stop the TDS and hope he keeps his word. That is best for everyone who smokes.

    1. Matt,
      Trump could legalize it tomorrow, and HE IS STILL A FUCKING NAZI AND PUTIN’S BOY!! IT DON’T CHANGE THE FACTS! FUCK TRUMP!

    2. Yeah, Volkov,
      People keep calling him a Nazi because he defends and falsely compares violent, murderous nazis to peaceful protesters. Same thing, right?


      Without the Cole memos we would not be talking about state legalization because it would have been shut down in court before it could happen.

      We are legalizing marijuana by electing people to Congress who will do just that. ThePresident, whoever it is, just needs to stay out of our way. Obama did that. Trump still has to prove himself with action.

    3. @Matt Volkov: You say that if Hillary won, weed would be controlled by Monsanto. You are a pathological liar.

  31. Cannabis should be legal, not regulated, taxed or politically exploited. It is a plant that people should be able to grow for personal use and sold, or gifted, to people who don’t want to grow it. Government should be completely out of it.

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