Gallup: Twelve Percent of Adults Acknowledge Smoking Marijuana

Twelve percent of US adults self-identify as cannabis consumers, according to survey data compiled by Gallup.

According to the survey, men (15 percent) were more likely than women (nine percent) to acknowledge “smoking marijuana.” Those between the ages of 18 to 29 were most likely to use cannabis (22 percent). Those self-identifying as “white” were more likely to admit using cannabis than were those who identified as non-white (14 percent versus nine percent).

Cannabis use was least likely among respondents over the age of 65 (three percent), those identifying politically as “conservatives” (four percent), and those residing in the southern United States (seven percent).

Despite changes in the legal status of marijuana in several states, the Gallup poll found little change in nationwide marijuana use patterns since 2015.

Additional information is available from Gallup.