NORML 2020 Conference: Celebrating 50 Years of Activism

NORML is pleased to announce that our annual conference will be presented in digital format on October 22 & 23 from 12-5PM EDT. This event is an annual tradition that NORML activists from around the country look forward to every year.

The NORML 2020 Conference will be presented as a streaming event on October 22-23 from 12-5PM EDT.

This digital version of the NORML Conference will be incredibly informative, featuring many of the things we’ve come to enjoy about our conferences: powerful panels debating the reform issues of the day, engaging expert speakers to educate and empower attendees, and crucial content that will help you take your activism to a new level.

We are excited to partner with Green Flower Media to bring you this virtual pay-what-you-can event. We hope the ease of access of tuning in from wherever you are on your laptop or phone will encourage and enable you to join us and learn about our important fight for marijuana law reform at the state, federal, and local levels.

Register now for the NORML 2020 Conference and join members from all across America in celebrating 50 years of activism with NORML!