NORML Provides Voter Resources for National Voter Education Week

Today kicks off National Voter Education Week! 

This week, for the first time ever, voting experts, nonprofits, election officials, businesses, and more are bringing their expertise together under one umbrella to ensure all voters have the information they need to be #VoteReady. This will be an exciting week of interactive education and action, that will build voter confidence and empower them to become ambassadors of voting in their own communities.

NORML has partnered with HeadCount to provide resources to help answer any questions you may have about getting registered to vote, checking your registration status, key deadlines, and more! NORML’s Smoke the Vote voter guide and NORML Election Central will help voters prepare to cast votes for candidates and ballot initiatives.

Monday: #VoteReady

Voter registration can and should be simple. Take these steps to be #VoteReady.

Tuesday: #MailReady

Voting by mail can and should be simple. Here are some actions you can take to be #MailReady.

  • Learn more about your state’s vote by mail requirements
  • Request your mail-in ballot
  • Track your ballot if you’re able to 
  • Complete your ballot as soon as you get it
  • Decide and plan how you will return it ASAP

Wednesday: #VotePlanReady

People are eager to make their voices heard, so if you are planning to vote in person, build in more time than usual for lines and COVID19 related restrictions this year. You wouldn’t buy a car or go on vacation without making a plan, so don’t leave voting up to chance!

  • Ask yourself HOW you plan to vote: By mail, in person early, on election day?
  • Ask yourself WHEN you plan to vote: Put it in your calendar today!
  • If voting in person: 
    • Figure out where your polling location is, this may be different for early voting versus November 3.
    • Confirm the hours of your polling place and your transportation plan.
    • Think about what you’ll need to bring to the polls, including your voter ID, a mask, and anything you need in case there’s a line.

Thursday: #BallotReady

Thursday’s focus is getting #BallotReady — knowing who and what you’ll be voting on beyond just the president! Many of the local and state offices you vote for have a huge impact on your day to day life. You can vote on policy that impacts your community directly through ballot measures.

  • Check out NORML’s Smoke the Vote voter guide to learn where the candidates on your ballot stand on cannabis policy.
  • What’s on your ballot? NORML Election Central breaks down all marijuana-related ballot measures in easy-to-understand language.
  • Print out, screenshot, or otherwise save your choices. It’s not a pop quiz; you can bring this with you to the voting booth!

Friday: #WeReady2020

All week long you’ve gotten prepared to cast your votes in this election. But there’s more to do to ensure a full, fair, and just election. Wrap up the week by saying #WeReady2020 — because it takes all of us to make elections work! Here are some actions you can take so that we can proudly proclaim #WeReady2020.

  • Triple your vote by helping 3 friends be #VoteReady.
  • Become a poll worker.
  • Volunteer with election protection.