New Jersey: #TurnthePage

Voters across the Garden State have already begun to cast their votes for Question 1: The Marijuana Legalization Amendment.

Here’s a quick and important tip as you fill out your ballot: Turn the page!

Question 1 appears on the back of the ballot. So, as we turn the page on marijuana prohibition this November, please remember to (quite literally) turn the page on your mail-in ballot!

The latest statewide polling data shows that 66 percent of New Jersey voters support the passage of Question 1, which legalizes and regulates marijuana for New Jersey’s adults, and ends the tens of thousands of low-level marijuana arrests that occur in the Garden State every year. But what do percentages mean unless all of those people #TurnthePage and vote ‘YES’ on Question 1?

For years, politicians have promised — and failed — to deliver on comprehensive marijuana law reform. As a result, police in New Jersey now arrest more people for marijuana violations than in almost any state in the nation!

It’s time to end the criminalization and stigmatization of responsible marijuana consumers in New Jersey.

So please, check your voter registration or get registered now so you can vote ‘YES’ on Question 1 this November, and don’t forget to #TurnthePage.