South Dakota Votes Overwhelmingly to Approve Medical Marijuana

South Dakota Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

South Dakotans have overwhelmingly approved Measure 26, which legalizes the medical use of cannabis by authorized patients.

The newly passed initiative permits qualified patients to possess and home-cultivate cannabis for medical purposes and establishes a state-regulated retail system for medical marijuana sales. Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia have enacted similar medical cannabis access legislation.

“South Dakotans sent an unequivocal message in support of allowing patients the ability to legally access it under the advice of their physician,” stated NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri. “When operational, this program will provide lab-tested medical cannabis products to thousands of South Dakotans who can benefit from them. These patients cannot wait, and voters were right to take action to make this access a reality.”

South Dakota joins over 30 states and Washington, DC in having passed legislation to regulate the production and dispensing of marijuana to qualified patients.