State Policy Weekly Update 6/28/2023

Marijuana-related reform legislation continues to advance in several states. This week’s update highlights legislative developments in California, Florida, Maine, and Pennsylvania.

Further, several significant state law changes either have or are about to take effect. In New Hampshire, provisions of a 2021 law allowing out-of-state patients to access state-licensed medical dispensaries took effect today. In Maryland, adult-use possession and sales laws take effect on Saturday, July 1, 2023. And in Connecticut, home cultivation rules also go into effect this weekend.



Update: HB 387 has been signed into law by the Governor. 

House Bill 387 allows medical marijuana patients to renew physician certifications through telehealth evaluations. It also expands licensing opportunities to African American farmers looking to become involved in the state’s medical cannabis industry.



Update: SB 302 was passed 14-0 by the Assembly Health Committee, and re-referred to the Appropriations Committee.

Senate Bill 302 expands the Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act, a/k/a Ryan’s Law, to allow more patients in California healthcare facilities the option to use medical cannabis. Current law only protects terminally ill patients. The proposed law expands these protections to include individuals of at least 65 years of age who struggle with a chronic disease.

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Update: SB 538 awaits a hearing in the Appropriations Committee.

Senate Bill 538 expands the Pennsylvania medical cannabis program to include the ability for patients to obtain edible cannabis medications in forms other than pills, tinctures, and liquids.

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Senate Bill 835 amends the state’s existing medical cannabis law by removing the list of eligible conditions and, instead, providing doctors the explicit discretion to recommend medical cannabis to any patient for whom they believe will benefit from it., 

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Update: AB 374 has passed the Business, Professions and Economic Development Hearing with a vote of 11-1. 

Assembly Bill 374 would clarify that cannabis lounges can sell non-cannabis-infused food and beverages, and also would allow them to sell tickets to concerts and other events.

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Update: LD 1180 has passed the Senate and is now returning to the House for concurrence before being delivered to the Governor. 

Legislative Document 1880 allows cannabis social clubs to be established in Maine for residents over 21 years of age, as long as the cannabis products are being sold on site. Under the outlined regulations, these social clubs would be licensed to sell cannabis products and have cannabis consumption allowed on the property.

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