There’s No Stopping the Cannabis Revolution

We are in the midst of a cannabis revolution. 

Twenty-three states have legalized the use of cannabis for responsible adults, and nearly 70 percent of Americans now support this common-sense policy.

Earlier this month, Marylanders experienced their first taste of cannabis freedom. In a few weeks, Minnesotans will join them. 

Who will be the next? 

The answer to that question lies with you.

The cannabis liberation movement, like all revolutions, needs to be continually stoked. Without ample resources, revolutions fizzle. This revolution is no different.

For more than half a century, NORML has worked tirelessly — first to ignite and then to stoke the flames of the cannabis revolution. 

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to provide us with the resources needed to continue this fight.

NORML is dedicated to ensuring that in all states – legal or not – responsible cannabis consumers no longer face stigmatization, discrimination, and incarceration.

And, right now, we need your help. 

If you have donated to NORML in the past, please consider renewing your support today with an additional contribution of $50 or more.

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NORML Membership

NORML’s dedicated team strives to represent you – the cannabis consumer. We lobby on behalf of your interests, not the interests of corporate cannabis. As a result, we are reliant upon you – our grassroots supporters – to help fund our advocacy, public outreach, and educational efforts. 

We can’t keep this revolution moving forward without your help. Every bit you can spare today helps to ensure that we can continue to successfully fight for your freedoms tomorrow.