Gallup: Majority of Republicans Support Legalization, but Partisan Gap Remains

Majority Support

Those who identify as Democrats are significantly more likely to say that “marijuana should be legal” than are those who identify as Republicans, according to polling data provided this week by Gallup.

Consistent with prior surveys, the poll revealed greater support for legalization among those who lean Democratic. Overall, 83 percent of Democratic-leaning respondents endorsed legalization as compared to 55 percent of Republican-leaning respondents. (The poll did not survey attitudes of Independent voters.)

Pollsters acknowledged that although Democrats have historically been more likely to express support for legalization, the partisan gap has widened over the past decade. That is because support among Democrats has grown more significantly over the past 20 years than it has among Republicans. Nonetheless, support for legalization among all Americans is now either at or near an all-time high — with majorities of self-identified Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all backing legalization.

“Most voters’ support legalizing marijuana, regardless of political party affiliation,” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. “At a time when many political issues remain acutely polarized, legalizing marijuana remains is one of the few policy reforms that a majority of voters on the right and on the left agree upon.”

Complete polling results are available from Gallup.