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Delaware: House Passes Adult-Use Cannabis Bill with Two-Thirds Supermajority

“Legalizing cannabis possession, eliminating criminal penalties for all ages, and creating a regulated market are huge leaps forward for Delaware,” said Laura Sharer, Executive Director of Delaware NORML. “Provisions afforded from the Justice Reinvestment Fund will begin the process of reversing decades of discriminatory, harmful, and fundamentally unfair cannabis laws by putting equity back into our communities.” 

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Virginia: Republican-Led Subcommittee Again Rejects Marijuana Sales Legislation in Party-Line Vote

“This vote is another huge disappointment for Virginians, the majority of whom favor swift access to retail sales,” added Pedini. “Legislation providing regulatory oversight is the best way for the Commonwealth to protect cannabis consumers. By failing to take legislative action, lawmakers are electing to continue driving consumers to the unregulated, underground market.”