Marijuana Arrests

Nation’s Capital: Massive Reduction In Marijuana Arrests

New data released by the Washington, D.C. police indicate that there has been a massive reduction in marijuana-related arrests in the nation’s capital post-prohibition. Astoundingly, there has been almost a 100% decrease in marijuana arrests in just one year after 70% of the District’s voters chose to end marijuana prohibition.

DC Marijuana Laws

District Of Columbia’s Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinance Goes Into Effect Tonight

A new District ordinance reducing marijuana possession penalties to a fine-only violation goes into effect on Thursday, July 17. The measure amends District law involving the possession or transfer of up to one ounce of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor (formerly punishable by up to 6 months incarceration and a maximum fine of $1,000) to a civil violation (punishable by a $25 fine, no arrest, no jail time, and no criminal record).