Vermont Legalization

SUMMARY: H. 511 took effect on July 1, 2018. It permits those ages 21 or older to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis, and/or privately cultivate up to six marijuana plants (two mature and up to four immature). Those who cultivate marijuana for their own personal use may possess at home the total quantity of their harvest. The measure also imposed new civil penalties for consuming cannabis while driving, and imposed additional penalties for those who operate a motor vehicle impaired with a minor in the vehicle. H. 511 did not establish a regulatory framework for the regulation of a commercial cannabis market. Separate legislation, Senate Bill 54, which was enacted into law in 2020, established rules and taxation rates governing the licensed commercial production and sale of cannabis and cannabis products to adults. Under the law, regulators will not begin licensing cannabis-related businesses and activities until the spring of 2022.

INFORMATION: Marijuana in Vermont