Bipartisan Committee Set To Analyze Violent Crime In America; Issues First Report

The bipartisan committee, Council on Crime in America, held a press conference to issue its debut report on the state of violent crime in America. The task force is co-chaired by former Drug Czar William Bennett and former U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell.

The committee’s first report is “descriptive” rather than “prescriptive” and reveals that violent crime today still remains at a historic high. “This study paints a realistic and sobering picture of violent crime in America,” says Bennett.

Future reports and conferences will be aimed at addressing potential solutions to America’s violent crime problem, the bipartisan task force announced. One of the problems that the bipartisan commission intends to address is the notion that America’s current criminal justice system is simply a “revolving door” for career offenders.

“We are hear to underscore the American people’s perception on violent crime,” Bennett concluded.

For more information or for a copy of the report, “The State of Violent Crime In America,” please contact Lara Stead by fax at (202) 822-8328.