Activists Intending To Sell Marijuana At The Super Bowl Gain National Exposure

The rumor that marijuana will be sold openly during this year’s Super Bowl has garnered the attention of the national media in recent weeks and has even made it to the pages of Time Magazine.

Representatives from the Richard M. Davis Cannabis Hemp Co. plan to be on hand selling marijuana, states the magazine. “I plan to have a press conference in the parking lot,” says longtime marijuana activist and R.M. Davis spokesman Ron Kiczenski, “[I will] tell people where they can buy [marijuana] in the vicinity of the Super Bowl. Not within the secured zone you have to get a special venue license for, but outside of that zone. They’ll be able to buy legal marijuana.”

Both Kiczenski and Davis have openly sold marijuana in Arizona before. Ironically, on one occasion, the activists boldly set up shop in front of the Arizona State Capitol.

The activists latest plan stems from a ruling by Northwest Phoenix Justice Court Judge John Barclay that dismissed charges against Arizona NORML Chairman Peter Wilson because of evidence that he is licensed by the state to sell marijuana. Basing his decision on constitutional prohibitions against double jeopardy, Judge Barclay concluded that Wilson could not be prosecuted for possession of marijuana because of taxes he has paid to the Arizona Department of Revenue to sell cannabis. Under Title 42 of a 1983 law, Arizona residents can purchase both a license and tax stamps to possess and sell marijuana.

For more information, please contact either Ron Kiczenski at (602) 894-8994 or AZ4NORML at (602) 921-2724.