Defense Fund Established To Aid Man Charged With Marijuana Trafficking

NORML chapters in Cleveland and Fremont Ohio have united to establish a defense fund for medical marijuana user Daniel Asbury. Asbury is a quadriplegic who has been charged with trafficking in marijuana for growing his own medical cannabis. (p) Asbury suffered a broken neck 15 years ago and began to use marijuana as a therapeutic after prescription drugs proved to be ineffective at controlling his pain and muscle spasms. Marijuana made me “fe[el] like a human being again,” he said.

Asbury was arrested in September of 1995 for growing his own marijuana to treat his medical condition. Asbury’s lawyer, Terry Lodge of Toledo, Ohio, will invoke “medical necessity” as the basis for his defense. The trial is scheduled to begin February 26 at the Lucas County Court House.

The medical necessity defense is expensive and requires expert testimony to establish the foundation for the defense. Asbury’s legal fees, including the cost of flying in expert witnesses such as NORML board member Dr. John Morgan, will total in the thousands of dollars.

NORML will forward all moneys received for the Daniel Asbury Defense Fund to Mid-American Bank in Toledo, Ohio where an account has been set up to assist Asbury.

Concerned parties can mail checks or money orders made payable to Daniel Asbury to: NORML Defense Fund, PO Box 771154, Cleveland, Ohio, 44107 or call (216) 521-9333 for more information.