National Review Advocates Legalizing Drugs

The latest issue of National Review, a weekly conservative journal headed by syndicated columnist William F. Buckley, asserts that the “war on drugs is lost” and recommends that the time has come to make narcotics legal.

In a 15 page section of the political weekly, Buckley and a half-dozen other legalization proponents including Mayor Kurt Schmoke of Baltimore argue that America’s “present prohibitive policy has failed, flatly and without serious question.”

In a telephone interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Buckley said that he hopes that the attention garnered from National Review will encourage the thinking community to begin seriously facing the issue of legalization.

Buckley, who just recently debated DEA head Thomas Constantine on the January 23 edition of “The Today Show,” intends to follow up on the subject with three televised debates on his PBS program, “Firing Line.”