Hemp Legislation Gathers Steam With Vermont Legislators

Legislation that proposes to permit development of a domestic hemp industry in Vermont was passed by the House Agriculture Committee in a 7-3 vote.

Modeled closely after a Colorado hemp bill, Vermont’s legislation (H.783) would allow limited test cultivation of industrial hemp to take place at the University of Vermont for the next two years. The bill will go before the house floor for a second reading on February 20.

“There is nothing on the radar screen that has nearly the magnitude of economic benefit that hemp has for our farmers,” states Rep. Fred Maslack (R-Poultney), one of The bill’s primary supporters. “The federal government has no business interfering with state legislation.” Maslack notes that the hemp issue is a bi-partisan issue with “momentum in the house.”

For more information on the status of this bill, please contact the Vermont Legislative Council at (802) 828-2424.