Hemp To Be Planted On American Indian Soil

The Coalition for Hemp Awareness (CHA) announced that the Navajo Nation has issued a resolution allowing for hemp cultivation to take place on American Indian soil. CHA has scheduled a spring planting to take place on March 17, 1996.

The Navaho Hemp Project began in 1992 when activists Jim Robinson and Tom and Carolyn McCormick moved to the reservation for the purpose of introducing hemp cultivation on sovereign soil. The trio were so successful in their education campaign that the resolution was passed by the Navajo Nation with a unanimous vote of 30-0.

Although over 30,000 acres of the Navajo Nation have been allocated for hemp cultivation, CHA’s initial planting will be limited to a small seed bank crop. In addition, CHA states that the organization is close to securing approval for similar cultivation projects from ten other tribes located across the United States.

The Coalition for Hemp Awareness was founded in 1991 to incite the rapid return of cannabis hemp as an agricultural base crop. CHA is a political advocacy network group that assimilates and disseminates hemp information to both politicians and the public.

For more information on the Coalition for Hemp Awareness or the Navajo Hemp Project, please contact CHA at (602) 988-9355 or write to: P.O. Box 9068, Chandler Heights, AZ 85227.