New Drug Czar Sworn In; Clinton Proposes Massive Expansion Of White House Anti-Drug Efforts

In a move that signifies a 180 degree departure from the President’s previous decisions to downsize the Office of National Drug Control Policy, President Clinton recently asked Congress for $3.4 million in supplemental spending to expand the staff of the ONDCP from 25 to 150 individuals. This money would be in addition to the extra $250 million dollars already appropriated by the White House to beef up anti-drug efforts.

“The general wants some troops to command,” explained one White House official to the Washington Post on Clinton’s sudden move to increase the ONDCP staff, “and Clinton wanted the general.” Newly appointed drug czar, retired General Barry R. McCaffrey was sworn in to office yesterday.

In addition to his title as drug czar, McCaffrey was granted a slot on the National Security Council. The former general was also given approval from the White House to carry over 30 former Pentagon staffers to his new operation.

“According to the most recent FBI statistics, the federal government’s war on drugs is primarily a war against marijuana users,” explained NORML’s Deputy Director Allen St. Pierre.

“Clinton’s latest effort to drastically increase the ‘war’ effort is yet another step in the wrong direction and a wasteful expenditure of valuable taxpayers dollars.”

For copies of retired General McCaffrey’s resume and related articles, contact Allen St. Pierre of NORML at (202) 483-5500.

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