Cincinnati Buyers Club Founder To Face Felony Drug Charges

Richard Evans, founder of the Greater Cincinnati Buyers Club — one of an estimated 30 underground clubs located across the country that supply marijuana as a therapeutic agent to seriously ill patients who possess a physician’s recommendation — has been charged with three felony counts of trafficking marijuana within 1,000 yards of a school in connection with a February raid by law enforcement officers on the club’s headquarters. Evans’ home, which is located in close proximity of a school, served as the headquarters for the Cincinnati club. Evans informed NORML last February that he had two marijuana seedlings growing at the time of the bust.

Evans was subpoenaed to testify before the Kenton County Grand Jury on April 19 and questioned about his involvement in the buyer’s club. Evan’s plead the Fifth Amendment and was later taken to Kenton County Jail. He was released on $5,000 bond and will be arraigned on Monday.

“I am sick of living in a country where I can’t be free,” Evans adamantly summarized at a press conference following the raid last February. “Give me liberty or give me death. We are going to have a cannabis buyer’s club.”

For more information, please contact Richard Evans of Americans for Compassionate Use at (606) 431-8719 or Attorney Gatewood Galbraith at (606) 281-6909.