South Australia’s Director Of Public Prosecutions Recommends The State Grow Cannabis

The Director of Public Prosecutions in South Australia wants the State government to grow and regulate the sale of cannabis, according to statements he recently made in an exclusive interview with the Australian publication, The Advertiser.

“We never really had a chance [in trying to stop drug use],” Director Paul Rofe, QC, stated. “We’ve just got to do something drastic.”

Rofe maintains that criminal involvement in the cannabis trade would be cut dramatically if the government were to either begin growing the drug or issue licenses for its manufacture. Rofe suggested implementing a regulatory system similar to those already in place for the sale of alcohol and tobacco whereby individuals could purchase marijuana over the counter. Such a move would both eliminate illegal profits from the black-market sale of the drug and would cut down on the “underground” attraction of smoking cannabis, Rofe remarked.

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Correction: According to more recent and thorough data attained from Paul Stanford of the Oregon State Political Action Committee, pay for schools by regulating cannabis, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 1996 (aka OCTA) has only gathered approximately 31,000 signatures — not the 65,000 that was reported by NORML last week. NORML regrets any inconvenience this error may have caused.