Washington Activists Gear Up For November Election

Organizers of the annual Seattle HempFest — one of the largest marijuana law reform rallies in the country — have announced plans to embark on a mission to transform the Washington state hemp movement into a political force.

Calling themselves the Washington Citizens for Hemp Reform, activists will soon begin polling candidates in all 49 Washington state legislative districts to determine candidates’ positions on the issue of decriminalizing marijuana. The information obtained will be distributed statewide immediately following the September 17 primary election in the form of a printed pamphlet entitled the Washington State Hemp Voters Guide. The guide will appear on both the Internet and in hard copy form.

The Seattle-based organization also announced that it will embark on a comprehensive voter registration drive and will launch an educational campaign to directly inform Washington state voters of the harm marijuana prohibition causes both society and the environment.

“The debate is over,” said spokeswoman Vivian McPeak. “It is time for state lawmakers to lead the way in this political movement which is gaining momentum nationwide. Voters need to know their candidates’ and legislators’ view on this matter so they can make an educated decision when casting their ballot.”

For more information, please contact the Washington Citizens for Hemp Reform at (206) 781-5734 or write to: 916 NE 65th, Suite 269, Seattle, WA 98115.