Alaska Nurses Association Backs Passage Of Medical Marijuana Initiative

The Alaska Nurses Association recently passed a resolution supporting the passage of Ballot Measure No. 8, an initiative to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

NORML Publications Director Paul Armentano praised the ANA’s stance. “Over the past several years, the medical community and nurses in particular, have spoken in favor of allowing certain patients legal access to medical marijuana,” he said. “It remains law enforcement and politicians in Washington — not doctors and nurses — that continue to support policies prohibiting the use of marijuana as a medicine.”

The resolution states that marijuana “has a wide margin of safety for use under medical supervision,” and is effective in reducing nausea, stimulating appetite, controlling spasticity, treating glaucoma, and controlling seizures.

The ANA position aligns it with nursing associations in California, Colorado, Florida, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia. All support legalizing medical access to marijuana for some patients.

For more information, please contact Paul Armentano of NORML @ (202) 483-5500.