Australian Medical Association Endorses Medical Marijuana Trials, Decriminalization For Personal Use

The government should make marijuana available as a medicine to seriously ill patients, and remove criminal penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) declared recently. They said that drugs should be treated as a health issue, not as a criminal matter.

“The Australian Medical Association is the latest group to join a worldwide coalition of health organizations calling for legal access to medical marijuana and an end to prohibition,” NORML Foundation Executive Director Allen St. Pierre said.

The AMA’s position statement regarding decriminalization states, “Prison sentences are … inappropriate for offenses related to the use, or possession for personal use, of small amounts of cannabis.”

For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre or Paul Armentano of The NORML Foundation @ (202) 483-8751. To view a listing of health organizations supporting access to medical marijuana, please visit: Health Organization’s Endorsements. To read the AMA’s position statement, please visit: