Industrial Hemp Given Initial Approval By NH House

The House of Representatives, this Wednesday, gave preliminary approval to a bill to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp. The bill proceeds to the finance committee to review any cost to the state before it receives a final vote in the House. The measure has not yet been considered by the New Hampshire Senate.
Despite opposition from local law enforcement and the state safety commissioner’s office, the House passed the measure by a 181-167 vote. The chief sponsor, Rep. Amy Robb-Theroux (D-Claremont), said in support of the bill, “This is not a drug you can smoke and get high. This is a bill about money.”
If the legislation is signed into law, New Hampshire would be the fourth state to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp. Last December, Hawaii was the first state to legally plant industrial hemp. Earlier in the year North Dakota and Minnesota also approved legislation to allow for the cultivation of industrial hemp.
“Industrial hemp has proven to be a valuable cash crop world-wide,” said Scott Colvin, NORML Publications Director. “Hopefully we will see more states follow suit and end the ridiculous prohibition of industrial hemp.”
For more information, please contact Rep. Amy Robb-Theroux at (603) 271-3125, or Scott Colvin, NORML Publications Director, at (202) 483-5500.