Former Congressmen Arrested By Wal-Mart Manager For Protesting The Store Where A Decriminalization Petitioner Was Arrested Days Before

A Mendocino County initiative decriminalizing personal use and cultivation picked up steam last week, oddly after its sponsor, Richard Johnson, was arrested for petitioning in the wrong spot at a Wal-Mart. On Monday, 20 protesters picketed the Ukiah Wal-Mart and eight of them were placed under a citizens arrest for trespassing by the store manager Don Estes.
Among those arrested were former Congressman Dan Hamburg who said Johnson’s arrest brought out others who supported the initiative and that they are now helping to collect signatures. In order to appear on the November ballot in Mendocino County, the group needs 2,868 signatures by March. Johnson said the group has enough signatures collected, but they are looking for another 1,000 to be certain that they will have enough valid signatures.
Police attempted to pacify the situation without any arrests but the protesters refused to submit to a list of restrictions by Wal-Mart management.
“For them to not be willing to support the Bill of Rights does not reflect well on a company that claims they believe in American values,” said protester David Drell, who was also arrested.
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