Michigan Lawmaker Proposes A Public Drug Offender Directory

A bill has been introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives that would create a public directory of drug offenders.
House Bill 5796, known as the “Controlled Substance Offenders Registration Act,” was introduced by Rep. Eileen DeHart (D-Westland). The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Criminal Law and Corrections.
Anyone convicted of a drug charge anywhere, but living in Michigan, will have to register for the directory, which will be given to state law enforcement agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The directory will contain the offender’s name and any aliases, addresses, physical descriptions and date of birth.
The public will be able to view the directory at police departments, and the bill also calls for an electronic version of the directory to be made available to the public.
The legislation requires drug offenders to register for whatever term is longer, either 25 years following the date of initially registering or for 10 years after release from a state correctional facility.
“Anyone who does not think that marijuana prohibition has to stop has not read about this newest phase in the war on drugs,” said Greg Schmid, Esq., a Saginaw lawyer who is attempting to get a marijuana legalization initiative (Personal Responsibility Amendment 2000) on the 2000 ballot and Michigan NORML Coordinator. “Is an official blacklist something we can live with? Try getting a job, or even an apartment.”
For more information, please contact Greg Schmid, Esq., Michigan NORML Coordinator, at (517) 239-9000.