Member of European Parliament To Protest Closure of UK Cannabis Café

A local MEP (Member of European Parliament) is demanding to be arrested on pot possession charges to protest the recent shut down of Britain’s only Amsterdam-style marijuana coffee shop. The Dutch Experience café, which opened in September and averaged approximately 500 customers per day, allowed recreational and medicinal marijuana users to smoke pot on the premises. Police raided the café on November 20.
Euro MP and former Dutch Experience patron Christopher Davies (Liberal-Democrat Party) plans to walk into a Stockport police station Saturday and demand cops arrest him for possessing cannabis, the Manchester Evening News reported. Davies’ civil disobedience will be part of a daylong demonstration protesting the closure of the cannabis café and the prosecution of its co-owner, longtime marijuana activist Colin Davies (no relation), who has been imprisoned since the November raid.
“Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol [and] it is time politicians start talking about it publicly,” said MEP Davies, who does not smoke marijuana but supports the idea of legal marijuana coffee shops, calling them “an excellent way of meeting people’s desire to try things other than alcohol without leading them on to harder things.”
Business partner, Dutch national Nol van Schaik, says that police are selectively prosecuting Colin Davies because of his activism. Schaik was also arrested on cannabis charges during the raid, but all charges against him have since been dropped by police. Davies, who smokes marijuana medicinally for chronic pain, has twice been acquitted of pot violations in highly publicized trials.
For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Foundation Executive Director, at (202) 483-8751. Further information on the Dutch Experience is available online at: