NORML Foundation To Discontinue Hard Copies Of Weekly Fax, Will Be Converting To All Electronic Format Starting July 1st

The NORML Foundation will be converting its weekly media release to an all electronic format starting on July 1, 2002.  AFTER THAT DATE, THE NORML FOUNDATION WILL BE RELYING ON E-MAIL FOR DISTRIBUTION OF ITS THURSDAY PRESS RELEASES. 
All future releases will continue to be posted on Thursday afternoons on the NORML/NORML Foundation website (, and will be distributed electronically via NORML’s free weekly e-zine.

Those media outlets that currently receive The NORML Foundation’s weekly releases via fax and would like to continue are asked to please contact NORML’s media coordinator Nicholas Thimmesch at:  Other NORML supporters, activists and e-mail-friendly media are advised to please go to the NORML/NORML Foundation homepage and enter your e-mail address to sign up for our free e-zine.