Teen Facing 26 Years For First-Time Pot Offense Sentenced To Two

Moulton, AL: A 19-year-old teenager who had plead guilty to selling small amounts of marijuana had his 26-year sentenced cut to two by an Alabama state judge last week. The defendant, Webster Alexander, was ordered to serve one year in the county jail, and a second year on probation. He will be eligible for a work-release program in one month.

Circuit Judge Philip Reich suspended 24 years of Alexander’s 26 year sentence after noting the defendant had obtained a high-school diploma, started college, and successfully completed a drug rehabilitation program since his arrest.

Webster must return to court in two years at which time the judge will evaluate his progress.

Webster’s original sentence sparked international headlines when the high-school senior was sentenced to 26 years in jail after pleading guilty to selling small amounts of marijuana to an undercover drug agent.

Under Alabama law, selling marijuana is a felony offense. The penalties for sale of marijuana are enhanced if the sale takes place within a three-mile radius of a school or public housing project, adding five years to the sentence for the sale.

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