Seattle To Vote on “Lowest Priority” Marijuana Initiative

Seattle, WA: Seattle voters on September 16th will have the opportunity to decide whether to approve an initiative that would instruct the police and the City Attorney to make adult marijuana possession cases “the city’s lowest law-enforcement priority.” Initiative I-75, sponsored by the Sensible Seattle Coalition, enjoys the support of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington; the King County Bar Association, the League of Women Voters of Seattle; as well as several members of the City Council and County Council.

“Given the limited resources, let’s focus on public safety and let’s not focus on pot smokers, at least not as a criminal matter,” said Roger Goodman, director of the King County Bar Association’s Drug Policy Project. According to Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, there were 418 marijuana possession cases brought in Seattle in 2001, the latest data available.

For more information, contact Sensible Seattle Coalition director Dominic Holden at 206-423-3005 or visit their website at: