More Patients Accessing Health Canada’s Legal Pot

Ottawa, Ontario: More than 20 percent of all patients authorized to possess medical cannabis under Canadian law are now purchasing pot from Health Canada, up from less than 10 percent in 2004 and fewer than 5 percent in 2003, according to statistics from the agency published in the current edition of the Harm Reduction Journal.

Representatives from Health Canada speculate that more patients are now accessing government-grown cannabis because of improvements in the product’s quality and THC content.

According to the results of a recent randomized trial of authorized Canadian medical marijuana patients, over half of those reviewing Health Canada’s various pot strains said they would use at least some of the varieties on a regular basis. Samples receiving the most favorable feedback from patients contained greater than 10 percent THC.

Nationwide regulations allowing for authorized Canadian patients to possess and cultivate marijuana medicinally have been in place since 2001.

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