Quarter Of A Million Facebook Users Voice Their Support For Ending Pot Prohibition

Washington, DC: Nearly 250,000 online subscribers to the online social networking website Facebook have voiced their support for marijuana law reform by joining NORML’s newly launched ‘Cause’ group. ‘Cause’ pages, a new feature of Facebook, allow subscribers to use the site to financially donate directly to their favorite non-profit organizations.

“We are extremely pleased that NORML is leading the way in online activism — not only among drug policy reform groups, but among all non-profit organizations,” NORML Outreach Coordinator Ron Fisher said. “Building effective and influential coalitions within online communities such as Facebook, MySpace, Second Life, and other emerging online networks is an integral part of NORML’s educational and outreach activities.”

Fisher continued: “We are particularly excited about encouraging our supporters to utilize GoodSearch.com, a Yahoo-powered search engine where users raise funds for select non-profits every time they search the web. If all of NORML’s online supporters simply set GoodSearch as their default search engine and selected NORML as their beneficiary, it would raise substantial funds to assist NORML’s marijuana law reform efforts. It’s clear that these emerging web technologies — such as Facebook, GoodSearch, and MySpace — offer NORML a powerful tool for harnessing public support against America’s archaic and ineffective pot laws.”

Fisher added that NORML’s daily podcast remains one of the most downloaded political podcasts on the Internet.

In September, NORML launched an ‘in-world’ office on the popular 3-D virtual world Second Life.

For more information, please contact Ron Fisher, NORML Outreach Coordinator, at (202) 483-5500, or at ron@norml.org.