‘Hemperor’ Jack Herer Released From Hospital

Portland, OR: Longtime marijuana activist Jack Herer has been discharged from a Portland, Oregon hospital and is now recovering at a nearby state nursing facility. Herer was hospitalized for nearly one month after suffering a severe heart attack in early September. Herer had spent much of his hospitalization in the intensive care unit, and spent several days in a medically induced coma.

Herer’s condition “had improved enough” so that he could be moved, the website OregonLive.com reported this week. However, news reports caution that he is still unable to “really communicat[e] in any way.”

Herer, 70, is the author of the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and is credited by many as the founder of the modern-day hemp movement. Published in the mid-1980s, his book has sold over 600,000 copies worldwide.

Herer was the subject of the critically acclaimed 1989 documentary, “The Emperor of Hemp,” which documented his multi-decade involvement in marijuana law reform activism.

Herer suffered a heart attack on September 12, shortly after delivering a speech at the 2009 Portland Hempstalk festival.

NORML offers Jack Herer and his family its best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.