Denver: Voters Approve Social Use Marijuana Measure

Denver, CO: Denver voters approved a municipal measure on Election Day to permit licensed establishments to allow for the consumption of cannabis on site.

Voters decided 53 percent to 47 percent in favor of I-300. The local measure creates a four-year pilot program regulating businesses that wish to allow adults to consume marijuana on their premises. Business would not be able to sell or provide marijuana to patrons, nor would customers be permitted to smoke cannabis indoors. (Vaping cannabis or consuming edibles indoors is permitted.) Smoking cannabis will be permitted in licensed outdoor venues.

Proponents of the measure, including the Denver Post’s editorial board, argued that rules governing marijuana’s social use are necessary to accommodate the needs of tourists, many of whom purchase cannabis legally while visiting the state but are forbidden from consuming it in their hotels or in public.

In the county of Pueblo, Colorado voters rejected a local ballot measure (Issue 200) that sought to prohibit commercial marijuana businesses. If passed, the measure would have shut down over 150 licensed establishments. Fifty-six percent of voters rejected the measure. Voters within the city of Pueblo also rejected a similar citywide measure, Question 300.

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