NORML Responds to Sessions’ Marijuana Comments

Washington, DC: The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has released the following statement in response to Senator Sessions’ comments on the conflict between state and federal marijuana laws during his confirmation hearing today:

"After finally being put on the spot and questioned on the issue, we are no closer to clarity in regards to Sessions’ plans for how to treat state marijuana laws than we were yesterday. If anything, his comments are a cause for concern and can be interpreted as leaving the door open for enforcing federal law in legalized states," stated NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri, "If Sessions wants to be an Attorney General for ALL Americans, he must bring his views in line with the majority of the population and support allowing states to set their own marijuana policies without fear of federal intervention."

For more information, please contact Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director at (202) 483-5500.