Virginia: Lawmakers Pass Bills Expanding Medical Access To Cannabis Products

Virginia: Expand Medical Cannabis

Richmond, VA: Legislation is heading to the Governor’s desk to expand patients’ access to medical cannabis products.

Senate Bill 1557 expands the pool of health professionals who can approve cannabis therapy to include nurse practitioners and physician assistants. It also permits qualifying patients access to a broader spectrum of products containing both plant-derived CBD and THC. Lawmakers in both chambers unanimously passed the bill.

Senate Bill 1719 facilitates greater patient access to cannabis products by permitting "registered agents" or caregivers to pick up or receive deliveries. The measure also passed unanimously in both chambers.

Under the state’s access law, medical professionals may recommend plant-derived cannabis extracts to those patients for whom they believe will benefit from them.

"Virginia patients need safe access to full therapeutic-strength medical cannabis products," said Jenn Michelle Pedini, Executive Director of Virginia NORML, which lobbied on behalf of the bills. "These common-sense clarifications to the regulations will make for a smoother system, and better outcomes for patients, providers, and the community at large."

For more information, contact Jenn Michelle Pedini or visit Virginia NORML.