Report: Potency of CBD Products Sold Online Often Deviates from What Is Advertised

Portland, OR: CBD-infused products sold online frequently possess significantly lower percentages of CBD than advertised, according to a report published by the online watchdog group

Investigators lab-tested 30 CBD products obtained from leading online retailers. Twenty of the thirty products possessed significant deviations in CBD content as compared to what was advertised. Sixteen of the 20 products contained lower percentages of CBD than the amount stated on the product’s label – a finding that is consistent with prior analyses. Some of the products also tested positive for the presence of solvent residue and elevated levels of heavy metals – findings that are also consistent with those of other studies.

Authors also evaluated the marketing practices of 300 leading online CBD retailers. They reported that 92 percent of sellers marketed products in a manner that was non-compliant with current FDA guidelines – such as by engaging in the sale of CBD-infused foods or by defining their products as ‘dietary supplements.’ Just over half (55 percent) of online retailers also made unsubstantiated health claims about their products. Most sellers also failed to provide information regarding the source of their CBD supply, and 63 percent did not post lab results specific to the purity of their products.

Full text of the LegitScript report, “Online CBD Sales: Why It’s Still Buyer Beware,” is available online here. Additional information is available in the NORML fact-sheet ‘FAQs About Cannabidiol.’