Massachusetts: Vitamin E Additive Identified in Some Unregulated THC Vape Products

Framingham, MA: The presence of vitamin E has been identified in several unregulated THC vapor products obtained in the state of Massachusetts, according to testing results provided by MCR laboratories. By contrast, the lab has not yet identified the additive in any legally regulated cannabis vape products.

Recently, the US Centers for Disease Control identified vitamin E acetate as a "very strong culprit of concern" in EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury). Illicit market manufacturers sometimes use the oil as an additive in an effort to thicken the consistency of their e-liquids and to mask dilution.

Of the 109 product samples submitted to the lab for analysis, nine tested positive for the presence of vitamin E acetate. By contrast, investigators said, "Every vaping product supplied to us by a regulated producer has been shown to be free of this particular additive."

State regulators recently took steps to prohibit the sale of all cannabis e-liquid vapor products. Vaporizer products that are manufactured to vape herbal cannabis flower are not included in the ban. Massachusetts is the first legal cannabis state to institute such a blanket ban on e-liquid vapor products. However, that restriction is anticipated to be lifted on December 11, when new statewide regulations are expected to be finalized.

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