Report: Potency of Commercially Available CBD Products Often Mislabeled

Seattle, WA: The percentage of cannabidiol present in many commercially available CBD products differs from what is advertised on the label, according to an analysis commissioned by

Authors lab tested 47 commercially available CBD-infused products. Products were purchased either online, at drug store chains, or at independent grocery stores.

Twenty-three percent of the products possessed significantly lower percentages of CBD than advertised, a finding that is consistent with prior reports. An additional 11 percent of products contained no identifiable level of CBD. Fifteen percent of the products contained higher percentages of CBD than advertised.

CBD-infused tinctures and edibles were most likely to possess accurate labeling. By contrast, CBD-infused capsules and water-based products were the least likely to be accurately labeled.

Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration provides no regulatory oversight on commercially available CBD products.

Full text of the analysis is online.