Near-Record Support for Cannabis Legalization Reflected in Latest National Polls

Washington, DC: Over six in ten US adults support legalizing marijuana nationwide, according to a pair of public opinion polls released this week.

According to a new Fox News survey of registered voters nationwide, 63 percent of respondents endorse "legalizing the recreational use of marijuana on a national level." The total represents an increase in public support of four percentage points since the last time Fox polled the issue in 2018.

A second national poll, conducted by NPR/PBS and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, reported that 62 percent of US adults believe that "legalizing marijuana nationally" is a "good idea."

The poll results are consistent with those of other recent national surveys — including those conducted by Gallup, the Public Religion Research Institute, Pew, and Axios — all showing greater than 60 percent public support in favor of legalizing cannabis.

Commenting on the results, NORML’s Political Director Justin Strekal said: "This holiday season, Americans are more likely than ever to agree in favor of legalizing marijuana when the topic comes up at the dinner table. With a public majority mandate, now is our time to demand an end to prohibition in advance of the 2020 elections."

For more information, contact Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director, at (202) 483-5500.