Missouri: Regulators Clarify That Registered Patients May Legally Possess Medical Cannabis Ahead of Dispensary Openings

Jefferson City, MO: A recently issued memorandum from state regulators affirms that state-qualified patients may legally possess medical cannabis, even if it is obtained from sources other than licensed dispensaries.

The memo, issued last week by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, states, "Individuals who hold a valid medical marijuana identification card are currently authorized to possess and use medical marijuana, and the lack of a mechanism by which those individuals may legally come into possession of medical marijuana does not change their right to possess it."

Some 30,000 Missourians are currently registered with the state’s medical marijuana program. However, state regulators just began approving licenses for cannabis providers in late-January. State-licensed dispensaries are anticipated to be operational by this spring.

Additional information about the program is available online from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.