Case Report: 88-Year-Old Patient Reports Cannabis Improves Symptoms of Anxiety, Vertigo

Sydney, Australia: The daily administration of whole-plant cannabis oil is associated with a significant improvement in symptoms of anxiety and vertigo, according to a case study published in the journal Discoveries.

An Australian investigator reported on the successful use of cannabis oil for symptom management in an 88-year-old female patient with generalized anxiety disorder and debilitating vertigo.

The patient reported “significant improvements in her quality of life” following four weeks of daily cannabis use (2 ml of THC-dominant oil). The subject reported that her nausea, dizziness, and limited mobility returned shortly after she stopped taking cannabis oil. Symptoms ceased when she once again reintegrated cannabis oil into her daily treatment regimen. 

The report’s author concluded: “[T]his case demonstrates how the patient was able to significantly benefit from the introduction of medical cannabis into her mental health intervention for the treatment of vertigo and a generalized anxiety disorder. In this case, the benefits for the 88-year-old patient using medical cannabis as a treatment in the both the short term and longer-term far outweighed the potential risks that may require consideration for children or adolescents.”

Full text of the study, “A case study for the use of medical cannabis in generalized anxiety disorder,” appears in Discoveries.