Poll: Majority of Americans Say Adult-Use Legalization Policies Have Been a “Success”

Washington, DC: A majority of Americans say that adult-use marijuana legalization has been a success in those states that have implemented it, according to nationwide polling compiled by YouGov.com.

Fifty-five percent of respondents said that statewide laws allowing recreational marijuana use have been either fully or mostly successful. Nineteen percent of respondents said that the laws have been largely unsuccessful. Twenty-six percent voiced no opinion.

Support was strongest among self-identified Democrats, 67 percent of which praised legalization laws. Fifty-four percent of Independents described legalization as successful, but only 41 percent of Republicans shared this view.

State-specific polling data shows similar support. For example, survey data compiled last year by the University of California at Berkeley reported that 68 percent of California voters believe that legalizing marijuana in the state has been a “good thing.” Survey data from Washington state found that 78 percent of respondents acknowledged supporting marijuana legalization following the enactment of laws regulating the plant’s commercial production and retail sale.

A prior YouGov.com poll, released in March, reported that a majority of Americans agree with states’ decisions to classify licensed medical cannabis facilities as ‘essential services’ during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Additional polling data is available from NORML.