Missouri: Lawmakers Pass Measure Limiting Sales of Edible Cannabis Products, Requiring Criminal Background Checks for Dispensary Employees

Columbia, MO: State lawmakers have approved legislation, House Bill 1896, amending various aspects of the state’s nascent medical cannabis access program. It awaits final action from Republican Gov. Mike Parson.

Provisions in the bill require criminal background checks for those working in or affiliated with the medical cannabis industry. It “require all officers, managers, contractors, employees, and other support staff of licensed or certified medical marijuana facilities, and all owners of such medical marijuana facilities who will have access to the facilities or to the facilities’ medical marijuana, to submit fingerprints to the Missouri state highway patrol for the purpose of conducting a state and federal fingerprint-based criminal background check.”

Separate provisions provide new limits on the types of edible products that may be dispensed. No products shaped in a manner that resembles “a human, animal, or fruit” will be permitted. Edible products in the form of “geometric shapes” are allowed. The language further stipulates that the packaging of edible products containing ten or more milligrams of THC be stamped with the letter “M” and a diamond containing the letters “THC.”

Voters in 2018 approved a statewide ballot measure establishing the state’s medical cannabis access program. Over 22,000 Missourians are registered with the state to participate in the program, but state-licensed dispensaries are not yet operational.

For more information, please visit Missouri NORML.