Analysis: Variability Persists in Potency of Commercially Available CBD Products

Tel Aviv, Israel: A significant percentage of commercially available CBD products contain amounts of cannabidiol that vary widely from the information provided on the products’ labels, according to an analysis published by the website

Investigators commissioned third-party lab analyses of 37 CBD products available at retailers or online. More than one in four of products possessed levels of CBD that differed by more than ten percent from what was advertised – a finding that is consistent with prior analyses. However, in contrast with several prior studies – most which have identified lower-than-advertised quantities of CBD – researchers in this study reported that the majority of inaccurately labeled products contained greater quantities of CBD.

Authors concluded, “It (the commercial CBD industry) still has much room to improve in terms of providing accurate, high-quality products.”

The full text of the LeafReport study is online. Additional information is available in the NORML fact-sheet, “FAQs About Cannabidiol.”